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December 31, 2013



My struggle is debating what goes in PL & what I make a layout for....how do you decide? Love your process!


I am so glad you are doing PL again, you are my fave go-to for inspiration! This year I plan on using more photos from my dslr camera, but I need a cute + functional camera bag/purse first. What do you use when you take your big girl camera in public? Do you have a bag you like? Happy New Year!


I've been following your blog for awhile, and absolutely adore you style. I've been a random PL'er but am getting it done, and simplifying the process this year. Typically, I print a billion pictures, (takes forever to get them organized, sized, ordered) then decide where to put them (takes forever to put them in the 'right' layout). All this puts my OCD in a panic so that I end up NOT doing anything at all! This year I want to put them into the 12x12 PS layouts as you do, add my digital elements, see how it all looks put togetherthen print each one out individually as 4x6s and 2 up (for the cards). i've debated going all digital so that it is then finished and all i do is print a 12x12. But I still like adding a few things afterward and can't give up paper entirely. So then my problem is, I don't know how to save each digital 3x4 card once I"ve added the brush. I flatten the image, and that isn't right. Can you point out a good link/video as to how to then separate and save each photo/card from within the 12x12 file if I want to print them individually. Any info you have is appreciated. Thanks Susan!!


How do you edit, to get your photos so bright and crisp?


Just wanted to let you know that I included your post on my blog today! You've got some super cute boys there :)


Thank you again for sharing your process. Can you share which Ali Edwards brushes are your favorite?


Love your PL Susan. Your photography is wonderful and you manage to capture so much!

Steph Connor

LOve, love, love your PL, Susan! I have never tried PL but have not had time to do a "traditional" scrap page since March and with four kids, I doubt I will soon. lol I think I am going to give this a try this year but very loosely with no pressure to do a layout each week. Anyway, I know you are a photographer like me --- do you "fully edit" images that you are going to use on your PL layouts or are you more relaxed with the process since they are not for clients?

Nicole Bless

Thank you so much for this post! I am starting my very first Project Life Album and making my daughter's baby album (she is now 3) at the same time using Project Life kits. I noticed your note on using yoru phone to take notes for the year. Have you ever used Evernote? it's a free app and great for that purpose! Thanks again, I admire all the beautiful things you create.


Just found your blog and I love love love it! I am soooo inspired to really make the most of my Project Life! I just began using Project Life this year, so I'm definately a newbie, and browsing through your blog and all your gorgeous photos and pages is wonderful! I love how you outline your text...I know you mentioned that you use the 'stroke' option in PS, would you be willing to offer a step-by-step tutorial on how you do it? I'm a newbie with PSE as well, so any help is truly appreciated! Thanks!

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