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December 30, 2012


nicole @ I am a Honey Bee

thanks for sharing. I love PL! I fell sooo far behind this year when we moved but I am determined to catch up (which I have been doing well with- pat my own back). I really need to stay on top of 2013... need to follow your lead to stay on top of assembling my book. thanks!


Thanks for this post Susan! Your Pl pages are always amazing! I lobe the type F inserts as well. I use my iPhone and upload and send to Walgreens from there. I love my Instagram pics but you have me inspired to make some 3x4 pics as well. I work full time and its hard to keep up with smaller pics because I have to "fill in" the gaps around the small pics
A couple of mo the back I decided to make a two week spread two weeks so that I could keep up.
Love those calendar cards! I have something similar but what do you do when the month is changed during the week? I love those heart stamps but confused on what to do when the month changes like that.


Wow, wow, Wow - I love this. Many details I have wondered about are covered. You know you are my favorite PLer out there. Your photos are the BEST and I love the simplicity of your design. Perfection with lots of color! suzy


Awesome post! I'm so glad you'll be continuing PL in 2013 and with much of the same process... I adore your style... the digital brushes and calendars and artwork and coordinated scheme, all of which accent the AMAZING photographs that tell your family's story. Thank you for sharing your pages with us... if I were Oprah, you'd be atop my "Favorite Things" list!


Thank you for sharing your process! / SandrainSweden


Awesome post! Thanks for sharing your process! I always look forward to your PL posts! Happy 2013!

Stephanie Baxter

I so enjoyed reading this :) it's always fun to hear other people's process and take on PL. I've had my eye on those calendar brushes...happy to hear the 2013 ones are now available!


Thank you so much for sharing!

Melissa C


Happy New Year!


Ok, that bin is amazing. I thought it was a chair cushion in the first photo and now I want that pattern as a chair cushion in my house, lol. Thanks for sharing your process - your pages are great! I'm excited to finish up this year's and then move on to 2013.


Thank you so much for this post! I have been going back and forth with starting PL this year, and I think I'm going to go for it! Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiration in 2013! :)

Colleen S

Thank you thank you! All of this is just so perfect. This post must have taken quite a while to right. Know that I really appreciate it and will be doing PL next year mainly because of you. :).
Question for you, do you take your big camera with you all of the time? I've gotten a little lazy and think I use my iPhone and Instagram way too much. It doesn't seem like you use many iPhone pics.

Kirstie MacGowan

Awesome post! Thanks for putting this up! :)

Kirstie MacGowan

And just a comment to Liv - how rude! Susan can write however she likes! It's her blog, remember?!

Jeannie L

Thanks for sharing your work process! I intend to try my hands on PL for 2013. Hopefully it'll turn out well. I'll definitely be looking forward to your PL shares. Just love how you do it.


Thank you, thank you! This is so great, thanks for sharing your process, so helpful!

Jackie Pedro

You are by far my favorite Project Lifer....your layouts are always simple and full of color. Thank you for walking me through your process. I print my pics at home, but never thought to use Costco. Happy New Year!


Thank you so much for sharing your process. Your post gives me hope that I can do this project and be successful with it even if I don't print anything at home.


Thank you so much for sharing your process. I am going to try PL, and your post is the most informative I've seen.

Angel Reuther

Thank you so much for this post. Trying to figure out what is going to work best for me this first year of trying Project Life. It's nice to hear how you manage to plan your pages when sending your pictures out.. That is what I'm going to have to do as well, so it's nice to hear how someone else does it. Can't wait to follow your 2013 progress for inspiration. :)


Do you have a paper trimmer recommendation by any chance? I need a new one - I have a very old fiskars one and I've never really liked it.


i always love your pl. thanks for sharing!!


WAHOO! So many people have linked me your blog. Can't wait to start PL. I just posted my first cover page layout.


Looking forward to getting lots of inspiration from you and hopefully sharing some as well.

Robin Sampson

Great post. Summed it up beautifully. Sent the link to my DDs whom I'm trying to vonvince they should be doing this. Thanks.


Thanks so much for this post!! I love to see what works and what doesn't, for others. I'm compiling my own list and hoping to stick to that this year. I love the calendar cards, you sold me on those very early in the year. Thanks so much for your inspiration.

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