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June 12, 2012


jennifer Camplin

amazing party for big boy..

Wow age 2 no way.. rem N was lil one!

thank for sharing!


Happy Birthday sweet boy, really like your dino themed b-party, looks like so much fun ;)


seriously-- i neeeeeed youuuuuuuuu to plan all parties and events i ever plan on hosting.
also, you = gorgeous in all of these photos.
also, i refuse to believe that n and o are TWO. sheeeeeeeeeesh.


That party is adorable and not too over-the-top like so many are these days. I love the idea of the framed pics with all his loves on it. My son is having his 2nd b-day in a little over a month and we are doing trains.

Mandy Szeto

how cure! happy bday to Noah! great decorations :)


What a super cute birthday party theme! I love it!


Stinking adorable all the way around. Can I ask - where did your couch come from? Hubby and I are looking for a nice leather sectional and yours is PERFECT.

laurie lariviere

what an adorable party for the little guy, he's a lucky 2 year old!! love all the blues and oranges you used, you really have an eye for putting colors together, loved Rex on top of the cupcake, so cute!!

Robyn Johnson

what a cute little dino party. love the color scheme. makes me nostalgic for when my (now teen) was cute and little. I wish you had a 9 year old girl so I could steal your ideas. I love your blog.


looks absolutely perfect! happy birthday to noah!

emily (justem)

So, so cute! The photo of him with his cupcake is priceless! :)

Susan Weinroth

@nicole - thank you!  sectional was from slumberland in MN about 6 years ago - BUT my sister has the same sofa that she bought at rooms to go in microfiber - i bet you can find it around??  HTHs.


Love everything you did! Do you by any chance know anyone in the south Florida area that can sell organic bloom? I'm dying for some!


you are the queen of blue green and orange!!!


How awesome! LOVE the color scheme and decorations and everything! Looks so fun!

Also, I have to tell you... when I first saw the photos (without reading this), I was like, "Wait... didn't he already *have* a 1st birthday?" And then I was like, "HOLY COW! HE'S TWO!!! AHHHHHH!" Time goes WAAAAAY too fast. LOL. :-p Isn't that silly?! LOL. I guess it makes sense... seeing as how we're coming up fast on *my* little girl's first birthday. Crazy talk, I tell you! ;-)

Ann Marie

This is ALL such eye candy!!! Love it all. You are a lucky and super momma! :)

Ann Marie

Oh and BB coming!! yippee!!

amy tangerine

OMG - you are amazing. we are honored to be your custom tee shirt maker!


what a wonderful birthday, the colors are beautiful, these pictures are gorgeous: it is a good example to follow!

Becca Salley

My little boy is having a Dino 1st birthday coming up and I was wondering where did you get those orange Dino's you used on the tables to hold the balloons?

Susan Weinroth

@becca - homegoods.  and i dont know the brand (sorry!).


whered u find the plates? I cant find them anywhere. And ur party for ur little boy is gorgeous by the way! :)

Susan Weinroth

@brittany - thank you! plates were by mara mi - i think I got them on amazon. sadly may not be available any longer (party was 3 years ago!).


I love the creativity!


Dinosaur party was so adorable! Where did u find the plates? I'm planning a dinosaur baby shower and I think those would be so cute!

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