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June 27, 2011


Tracie Claiborne

That looks like a beautiful place to vacation! Hope you had a great time. I am always so excited to see your pages. I go in spurts with who is my absolute favorite scrapper around and right now YOU are it! I love everything you do!

Kate aka stinkydudette

Susan, as much as I'd love it to be August (my birthday!), we have to get through July, yes? Haha... *hugs*

You know I'm a fan, and you never disappoint! Love your pages, especially that multi-multi-photo layout of Noah! How many photos did you get in there? Awesome!

Susan Weinroth

Omgosh!!!! Thats what I get for blogging in a semi-exhausted state! Must update to July asap in the am. :)

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Diana C. aka the Lonely Scrapbooker


young c-m

Wow, I don't usually comment but I love each of these layouts! The styles are so varying too, so fresh! Thanks for sharing! Glad you guys had a good time in Hawaii. :)

Jacqueline R

LOVE, LOVE all these layouts! Your style is always so perfectly executed into the pages. Thanks for the amazing inspiration!


Love the layouts! I am super excited to see your vacation photos. I think I saw on twitter that you stayed at the Westin, yes? We are planning a trip and trying to decide between STJ and Turks and Caicos. I'd love to hear your opinion on STJ, especially as a mother of a toddler, since I'll be carting my 21 month old around everywhere. ;)


The Layout all WOW! And your photod are great!!!

emily (justem)

love your layouts this month! :)


Love, love LOVE your layouts this month! Glad you had a fun vacation - looks like paradise!

PS - Your hat is SO cute!


so adorable! Just love your work!

Susan Weinroth

hi Alison -

Yes, we were are the Westin STJ - LOVE the resort.  LOVE STJ.  Cant say enough fabulous things about both - the seclusion of the island is in particular what we love.  There were noticeably a lot of families at the resort, but honestly Im not sure Id want to bring my less-than-say-3 or 4-year old kids there.  You can only reach the island by ferry - and that trip with a baby just wouldnt be fun for me personally.  But that said, there were lots of babies there, and Im sure its not really a big deal?!  HTH - feel free to email me for more info!  -S


SUSAN! These layouts are AMAZING!!! I haven't had a chance to look at the new gallery yet, so your layouts are the first I'm seeing! They're GORGEOUS! Seriously, you have out-done yourself. This is probably my favorite gallery of yours EVER. Okay, have I gushed about you enough? LOL. :-p Sorry... can't help it. You're awesomely talented. :-)

And hooray for a tropical vacation, you lucky ducky!


LOOOOOOOOVE all the layouts!!! and GORGEOUS vacation photos!!

kelli johnson

sigh, gorgeous! layouts, vacation everything. MJ and I celebrated our 10 year in Costa Rica, and it was the most amazing time ever. I know the refreshing time away is amazing :) i now have to figure out a reason to go back! LOL


Your layouts are SUPER cute!!!! So much inspiration in there!! My fave is the collage of all the favorite Noah photos! Such a cool idea!...And you two look fabulous!


All great layout ideas!

Sara B.

I love all of these layouts! So wonderfully fantastic! :) Can't wait to see how you made the collage page! Happy Anniversary!


happy anniversary! can't wait to see your pics...we just celebrated our 10th but are trying to figure out where to go...

your gallery was amazing this month!!! i love the one page


LOVE it! Can't wait to see more!!

KP Miller

Happy 10th Anniversary! Love the vacay pics, what a beautiful place. Amazing how neither of you look a day older since the wedding. :)

Stephanie Howell

it's apparent you loved this kit, your projects are absolutely OUTSTANDING. you so make me want to be a better scrapbooker! happy 10 year anniversary! j and i celebrate 10 in marcy 2013 and i am DETERMINED that we will go somewhere special!


Awesome LOs as always...do you print your pics at home or elsewhere? I'm particularly curious w/regards to the "A Year of You" layout. Thanks!!

Susan Weinroth

Everything is printed at costco!

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Jennie Gift

I am so jealous that you were STJ. I love that place! We stayed at the Westin too. Oh how I wish to go back - really soon :)

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