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January 13, 2011



oh goodness.
i love that kiddo.
AND his artwork!
soooooooo much.

Jennifer Camplin

Love kids.. love when they get to do art projects.

Evan's art are awesome!!


Darling! Something about kid art that simply adds sunshine...

lisa truesdell

love. love what's he's made. when sam paints during center time he always, ALWAYS makes a death star. sometimes with a waterslide, sometimes without. hee. because, really, darth vader loves waterslides??


so so cute!! i love children's artwork!! i have such a weak spot for it! :)
your gallery is adorable, too!

emily (justem)

So cute! I love how it is displayed...I would like to do that someday, though right now they aren't exactly artistic masterpieces over a my house. ;)


Susan, I just love the idea of the wall art in the hallway! I think his blue painting is pretty awesome!!!


love it! i think everyone needs a gallery in their homes to make the kids feel proud and encourage them to keep going! ron also got me a digital frame for xmas SO i am scanning their past artwork (once it comes down from the gallery) and it will be displayed on there, too! that is especially good for the larger pieces that you have a hard time saving. love the blue one, too - frame it!

tara pollard pakosta

LOVE the artwork!
I totally need that thing for our girls!
thanks for sharing! we do have their framed art in the kitchen, but I love this idea of changing it out often!


KP Miller

LOVE his artwork!! And I love how you display it in his own gallery. It looks awesome! =)


LOVE Kids art!!! and we have that same concept at our old house with the IKEA rod-need to find a space in the new house for it.

Kristin Hayne

I ADORE this Susan.... he is quite the artist too!!! I think I may have to steal this idea too.... we haev a GINORMOUS IKEA being built here in Colorado.... first one here... WOOHOO and it's only 20 minutes from me!! YEAH!! Your boys are beautiful!!

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