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November 28, 2010


emily (justem)

I really love your first month layout! :)

Sarah W.

I love what you've done with the kit! I also love that you manage to include so many pics without overwhelming the page! Fantastic as always!


amazing!! :)


love your gallery :) ... and Happy SC Anniversary! yeah! one year down and hopefully many more to go. you always inspire me each and every month!


Seriously, you are incredible! I'm amazed at your creativity! Thanks for the inspiration.

Monika Sh

Beautiful Layouts. I'm wondering... what program are you using to print your photostrips?? TIA Monika

Susan Weinroth

thank you!  I just resized them and set up a strip (= white background blank image) in photoshop, and then arrange them

Monika Sh

Thanks... I just got Photoshop Elements 9 and I'm a bit lost in it but I'll figure it out. I appreciate you taking the time to respond!!

amy tangerine

your pages are seriously amazing.

Jennifer Camplin

Lovely layouts!!!

Amazing.. love the last layout!!

Kristi Mangan

amazing! LOVE the first month page! Love that all of your pages featured a LOT of photos! I cannot believe how small Ellie Bellie is in the Christmas pics! These are beautiful Susan!


I love your layouts .. my favorite is "the first month"....


I love the picture strips, very nice, thanks for sharing :)


Wow, this page is amazing! so inspiring! My son is nearly 4 and wished i had done something like this when he was born. x Thanks for sharing


Oh my goodness, I love the First Month layout! That's adorable, are the white "frames" really just a square punch put behind the photo are did you make actual frames for each photo?

Susan Weinroth

printed mini pics on a white background and then trimmed each with a white border!  :)  thx!


Hi! I just started following your blog, and I gotta say I love this First Month idea! I'm expecting and you can guarantee that this is one layout I will use as inspiration!

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