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October 17, 2010



He is so cute. The last photo is my fav.


happy four month to the sweet boy!! fantastic pictures ! i get a smile also every mornoing from my boy! doesn't it just make your day!!?


(and it cracks me up that your baby already nurses less than my baby...hahaha. sigh.)

Jennifer Camplin

A d o r a b l e boy!

Erin Rippy

He's growing so fast! Mine loved to nap in the swing, too. Love that face he's making in the last photo!

Keshet Shenkar

He is a cute one!


love that first photo. he's looking so big!


My goodness he's tasty. Especially that first shot. And I agree, I can see his Daddy in his face.

Becky Trump

Little Noah is absolutely adorable!!! It's so funny tho, I was about to say the exact opposite about your number 1...the top photo made me think he is looking more and more like YOU!!! But I see Eric too :)


about a month ago you posted a pic of noah and i thought ... "he's a blond eric!!" what a cutie ... that last pic is priceless! four months, though? amazing.


what a cutie! BTW i love the choice of colors of his onesie/pants/quilt. looks amazing :)


I think I fall more and more in love with him each month. Those eyes and perfectly round face are too cute for words.


He is just SO stinkin' adorable, Susan! LOVE the photos! I've only been a Mama to a boy for 4 days, but I already love it. :-D BIG hugs!

Ann Marie

Ive been missing reading our blog and just got all up to speed again:
1- Noah looks totally like a mini Eric!
2- your quilts are amazing as always! :)
3- Im totally buying those digital inspired by you pages and making a book -LOVE LOVE!
4- So enjoyed your photo shoot with Evan. What a sweetheart..I see a pattern that often 1st borns are sweet and responsible..so nice he is lovey to Noah.
5-your new floors..beautiful! Congrats to a very deserving momma!


He is SO cute! I love how you do these monthly posts :)


What a cutie! they grow so fast, don't they? I could stare at that quilt all day...just stunning :)

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