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May 19, 2010


Sarah Martina

Love the wonky stars! :) Hope the insomnia doesn't wear off when baby gets here, you may need it! ;) Great quilt, Susan!


Beautiful! The little giraffe is icing on a pretty fabulous cake. :)


you need SLEEP, mama!
but i LOVE that quilt.
you are amazing-ness.

Samantha Widlund

Gorgeous! I'm really having to fight the urge to paint and re-do everything in aqua right now =)

karen Lee

Your quilts are beautiful!!!

gina f.

I think we get that end of pregnancy insomnia to prepare for the no sleep newborn phase. Love the quilt; i think it ties the sunshine quilt as my fave but i love all the quilts you have made. They are like giant scrapbook pages, cheery and happy. Have fun!!


I think the colors look great in the photos. Really pretty. I love the way you use scraps to piece the backs of your quilts.


I love so many of your layouts and quilts. I've created a SW inspiration folder. Thanks.

kelly noel

i love your quilts and am totally envious of your sewing skills! i can't seem to get the hang of my sewing machine...i think it hates me. ;P lol.


I am not sure why, but this post made me tear up! For cryin' in the mud... sheesh. I'm such a sap. :-p

LOVE this quilt! You did such a beautiful job! I LOVE the colors. Just beautiful! I didn't put in a guess yet, but I'm guessing a girl. I'm feeling the girl-vibe from you. ;-)

Christa P.

What a beautiful quilt!! I love it!
I too totally get a girl vibe-we'll find out soon!!!


that quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!! Everything about it. The colors look great, too...I don't see how they could look any better in real life!
I can't decide on if you're having a boy or girl, though. With all your fun craftiness, you need a girl, but it seems like all the girly girls that I know end up with boys!

Colleen S

So pretty. I love this pattern!!

Dawn Nikol

That quilt is awesome! Man do I wish I could do that for my daughter and future babies! Please sell them in your etsy store asap. =D

The pregnancy insomnia is noooo fun! I would try to stay awake all day without naps to sleep at night and just screw things up worse! Take naps when you can!


absolutely gorgeous!

lisa truesdell

oh, that back is too cute. love it!

Amber Lee

Such a wonderful quilt! I haven't wanted to do a star quilt until I saw this, love it. I think the colors look so great together.

Anna Sigga

Ohh my word this is one gorgeous quilt!!!
One day I will learn how to quilt! ;o)


I hope you don't mind, but I love this quilt so much that I would like to make one very similar - the same pattern and the same colors. I'm having a baby girl this June and plan to do the nursery in turquoise and yellow. You provide so much inspiration! Thank you!


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