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April 13, 2010


Lisa Dickinson

so do we have time before this baby arrives to teach ME to quilt?? I am drooling over all your quilt-y goodness lately! ;)


This is so gorgeous! Makes me want to quilt so bad!

Colleen S

I love this quilt. ANd what an accomplishment to use your stash! I give you props for that one. :) The baby will love it, boy or girl.


Gasp! That's beautiful. Totally works for a girl, too. I agree. Goodness, you're a talented little thing, aren't you?


Out of all the quilts you've posted, this is my fave. Love the colors and the patterns of the fabrics you've chosen! You have def found your calling!

gina f.

Great job !!I love it.. you totally rocked the gender neutral thing without even trying and used up stash so you can buy more fabric guilt-free!! What happened to the orange and aqua quilt??

Susan Weinroth

thanks gina!  planning on blogging the yellow and aqua wonky stars next week - stay tuned ;)


oh I never would have picked those colors to go together, they look AMAZING though! I love it!


Cute!! Even if it's a girl, she will certainly love it because it's so great!

lisa truesdell

this = awesome.


*swoon* that's absolutely gorgeous! love, love, love!

Megan Hoeppner

This is absolutely stunning, Susan! Your baby, boy or girl, is very lucky!

Alyssa B

Quite possibly the prettiest quilt in the history of the world!




I love it! You inspired me to make my first quilt and it's almost ready just in time for my little one's 1st birthday. What size did you make this quilt? It looks a bit larger than the others.


Wow! This is so beautiful! I agree, doesn't matter the gender of your baby, it's perfect either way. I don't know how you find the time to accomplish this. Reading your description of how you made it makes me think you must be one organized mom to get it done along with everything else you gotta do.


Absolutely fab-u-lous quilt!!! I do not know how you accomplish all you do.....so in awe! I did a gender neutral nursery in primary colors (many years ago) for all three of my children since we didn't know the gender. Just so happened I had all girls but I loved their first room being bright and colorful.


What a beautiful quilt, girl! You are SO talented! I wish I could quilt like that! My baby needs one!


So cute! I LOVe the colors! :)


Just perfect, all go together so well!


LOVE this quilt. I have a little girl on the way & I'm dying to find enough time & energy to whip up a quilt for her.... problem is, I've never quilted! But you are totally inspiring me. I've ordered the fabrics.... now I just have to actually do something with them! :) Thanks for the constant inspiration to create!


Ugh! It's so beautiful!!!!
I keep telling myself I need to learn how to quilt. I adore them. Yours are exceptional. <3

kathleen p.

Good Lord, this is gorgeous!!!!!!! Makes me want to learn how to quilt!! I guess I should learn to sew first : )

gina f.

p.s. do you read the blog called In Color Order (its a great blog). Your quilt was one of her flicker faves on Wed. (i think). It was fun seeing your quilt there!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Susan, I LOVE this! Seriously, the colors are scrumptious! Could you make me one in a King Size?? LOL!

Smooches, Dearie!

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