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November 19, 2009



um... that would mean my sewing machine would have to be kind to me. ;)

love that airplane fabric - so cute!


That is just too cute! I wish I knew how to sew.

Wendy  T

Thanks so much for making one of these and posting the instructions! I have been going to buy one off of Etsy now I can make my own! Thanks!

Julie - Fine Tooth Comb

Hi, Susan. Just found your blog yesterday via Lain's 5 Things blog, and I'm hooked already. :)

I love this crayon roll-up, mostly because I love polka dots! I ordered one similar to this from Etsy a year ago, and my son uses it at church or in waiting rooms. The only thing that I don't like is that the crayons have left marks on the fabric at the top of the roll. Maybe we should start putting the tips of the crayons in first, so the marks won't be as bad.

Thanks for the great post!


HOly cow that is cool!!!

Debbie Cook

oh how funny! i made one of these this week too! lol!
the airplane fabric is adorable. :)


SO CUTE! I have to make one of these! :)


oh gosh i need one for fisher in a DIGGER fabric! this is AWESOME!


This is so cute! I think I'll make one for my niece's stocking. She loves coloring. :)


wow! That is brilliant! I will be making some of these for Christmas gifts :-) Thanks SO much for teh idea1


I love this and so I started making one tonight...thing is I didn't entirely understand the ribbon instructions and as a result only have 1 piece of ribbon on the end...any thoughts for how to remedy? I already stitched the 20 pockets so I can't turn roll back inside out. BooHoo!

Sue Thomas

Cute, cute project, Susan!!!!!


Adorable!!! I so need to do that, I'd even use the same fabrics if I would find them!! :)


very cute, for mine I use one large piece of ribbon instead of the 2 and attach velcro to it, easier for my cousin's son who is only 3 to open and close on his own.


I am trying to make this and I keep reading the instructions over and over but I just don't get it. hmmmm???? I feel silly. Thanks so much for sharing all your projects.


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.

Renee VanEpps

I don't own a sewing machine but I so <3 this beautiful crayon holder!!! Going to save this post, so maybe someday when I have a machine...!!


I made one of these for my son before he was even born! I can't wait for him to use it . . . properly.


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