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October 26, 2008


Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Aw bummer. Sorry the day didn't go like you'd have hoped. I'm sure a patch in your backyard would look awesome! Hee!

If it's any consolation, he's still adorable in these photos! I love the frowny face with his teeth showing! :)

Allison Gottlieb

I know exactly how you feel, not getting the pictures that you hope to get - but if it's any consolation, I think these pictures are very cute...gas station and all. I like the one where Evan is sitting on the haystack. And, I have made a "pumpkin patch" in my backyard using my neighbors pumpkins, as well as my own. Worked like a charm.


I have the opposite problem- mine like the patch so well they run away the whole time!! So I got a little straw and maybe a candy corn or two as well... works every time in my faux-patch here at the house!


Your pics are cute anyway. My 15-month old picked up the first pumpkin in the patch, called it a bah (ball) and threw it. Evidence: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brungrrl/2932371708/


I have to agree pumpkin patches in MN are the best! Still cute photo's...


Ya wanna know what's really sad??? It looks like you found one of the GOOD "patches"...lol!!!

I need to send you the link to the corn field, we took the girls this year and while it's a little over priced (IMO), but it's better than the typical side of the road stuff that we're stuck with! :-)

I think you still captured some cute moments, though! Your color looks amazing for dealing with full sun!!!

Sasha Farina

the backyard pumpkin patch sounds like a plan!! even though I'll say these photos you have here are gorgeous !!

Shaun Paddock

Susan, all of those photos are adorable, even the one with the gas station in the background. I do not think it is possible for Evan to take a bad photo.
Have a groovy week.


can i just say that i LOVE that the ev's have matching outfits?!?!?!?!?!
ok. seriously. LOVE IT.
and i know he was cranky
but man
he is cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.
and dislike of punkins runs in the evs, btw.
so i understand.

Sue Thomas

Hahahahahahah!!! Love your recount of the day!!!!!! I'm sure Evan would have loved a Minnesota pumpkin patch!! He's just got high pumpkin patch standards!! lol!!!!!


Even if he didn't like the pumpkin "patch" he's still a cutie patootie! ;) Hope the backyard patch photoshoot goes better! :)

Paola Norman

I know it didn't turn out exactly at you planned but hey, that's real life right? From the way your were speaking I'm sure you'll plan something awesome in the backyard or your home. Can't wait to see what Evan is going to be for Halloween. (I would take the pumpkin patch in the intersection, we don't have any here). And your right that last pic is pretty nice! So not all is lost!

Lisa VanderVeen

Dude. No one can appreciate your pain the way I can. I had the exact same experience at the LA pumpkin patch this fall. The only difference is that it's slightly easier to reason with (read: bribe) an almost-six year old, than a wee tot of Evan's age. But the light was all wrong, it all looks fake (which it is...). October is the month that I REALLY miss New Jersey. *sigh*


ok well if it makes you feel any better, we couldn't get to ours on sunday because it was literally 50 MPH winds and already in the 30s. so we might have a november pumpkin patch date for the kids, HA! we don't even HAVE a pumpkin yet! festival foods here we come! oh hey, maybe we can take the pics there, cropping out the grocery storefront in the background, of course?


Oh my gosh you crack me up!!

I was the exact same way with Ethan the first year he was walking. HA! And I got bad pictures. AND so I bought tons of pumpkins and set them up inside and took pictures that way! hahah


Another cute outfit -- perfectly suited for the pumpkin patch! Hopefully he is more into it next year. : )

Kristin Hayne

Now THAT is a classic story!! I think it went the same for me!! Minus the nice hubby trying to help!! LOL... I think he was ahead of me on that one!! :)

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