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October 22, 2008



Hi Susan,
What adorable burp cloths! Did you use cotton fabric or flannel? And where did you find such adorable fabrics to use??? A friend is having a baby later this year and what a special gift to give. Thanks for sharing!


They are gorgeous! :)

Belinda Venables

You make me smile - you know that?!

You are so talented! These are so fabulous! I wish I could sew! *sob sob* (hehehe)

I'd love to know where you get your scrumptious fabrics from too.

I've printed out the instructions and might just try to give it a go - when I find some nice fabric. Ohh - like cass said - is it fabric or flannel?


Tonja Trump

I see an Etsy store opening soon...seriously, those are adorable...Can I be your agent? Hehehe! Have a great day Susan! ;)


Okay, so these are purely ADORABLE! I can't even sew (and yes, I have tried on my Singer Wal-Mart special that I have had for about 4 years and not successfully sewn a scrapbook page, much less anything else). But these burp clothes make me want to drag myself through the process again in hopes of creating soemthing this cute! Love it!


Makes me want to have a baby to have an excuse. Where DID you get your fabric?


LOVE those, Susan! You ARE so creative and crafty! I love that fabric, too! Do spill where you got it! :)


what a great gift idea!
and such CUTE fabrics!

Ali McLaughlin

Those are so cute Susan! You should start an Etsy shop.

Lindsay Teague

well you gotta love that!!!! :) Great job lady!



Susan, I vote for an Etsy...You are so creative and I love all your work. Thanks for sharing.

lisa truesdell

what is that aqua print?? little bugs?? i NEED.

i have not regretted upgrading my machine from my cheapie.. lovelovelove mine.


those are adorable! you have inspired me to sew. but first, i need a machine. :)

Lisa VanderVeen

I kept reading this post, waiting with baited (?) breath for the announcement that you were planning to have a reason in oh, say, 9 months or so for said burpies. But, you have left me hanging.

They're gorgeous, at any rate... Although I do feel somewhat let down LOL.


Sasha Farina

those are so precious!! lovin' the colors!


i cannot sew
so can i just hope and pray that you will make me more ifin we have another?!?!
yes. that would be lovely.
and mike calls the ones you made???
"our good burp cloths"
i kid you not.
we love them so.


You are such a crafty girl. These are darling!!

Elizabeth in MO

Oh my goodness! These are absolutely adorable - you are so talented! I'm getting out my sewing machine this weekend, dusting it off, and going to sew some of these for a baby gift! What else have you been sewing?? - Please share!

Sue Thomas

Soooo cute!!!!!!!!! Reminds me that I have a quilt idea I wanted to share with you! I'll get that to you this weekend!!!!!


so cute! you've inspired me to *try* to make some for my daughter (14 mos). i am afraid i am going to get sucked into *collecting* all kinds of great fabric! hee hee

Elizabeth in MO

I posted earlier - but had to ask - did you make the very cute tag on the burpies as well? What does it say? Very nicely "packaged"! Adorable!

Debbie Cook

omg. these are SOOOO CUTE!
now i know what to do with all that scrap fabric! LOVE it!


These are cute!!! you might even inspire me to get my broken machine fixed. :)


Thanks for sharing! I was motivated to get the sewing machine out today!


This inspired me to borrow my mom's sewing machine and make some burp cloths. I got some supercute fabrics and went to town! I have to say, I am now addicted to sewing burp cloths... I just have to work on getting my seams straight and figure out how to do my rotary cutter so it will cut through the material!

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