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August 25, 2008



Beautiful project! Glad you are ok...try to stay dry!!!

lisa truesdell

i am SO copying that. awesome.

ev needs some cool rainboots for a photoshoot. heee!


i SO SO SO love that quilting.
seriously. you and glue blow me away with your sewing skills.
the rain?
i am not so much loving.

Erun R.

SOOOOOO cute. You're super talented and creative. I thought about you as I was watching the news on the storm. I'm glad to hear that you fared alright, aside from a bit of cabin fever.


I'm glad you're all right. Wondered how you were holding up with all that rain. What a storm!

And super cute quilting project--you are totally multi-talented. :)


it's raining here, too...but such is life in Seattle :)
LOVING the project; I'm pressing print RIGHT NOW!


That is SOOOOO cute, Susan! I HAVE to make that for Caylin's room! Thanks for sharing! So glad the water stayed out! We're going to be getting Fay's remnants next! We need the rain bad though! Hugs! :)

Kelly Goree

oh wowie! i had no idea kristi was expecting again. my youngest two are 14 m apart and it's a wild ride! ;)

The quilt is precious! you're so multi-talented. Come teach me ;)


Love the framed quilt! Totally adorable! I guess that means Kristi is having another girl. How great! Did she pick a name yet?


okay, that framed quilted piece is adorable! i just love it! add to the list of things i would love to learn!

glad you were able to weather the storm - and poke some fun at it as well. cute shot. :)


love the project! your sister is going to love it!

glad to hear you and evan are ok. hope you're staying dry!

Belinda Venables

OMG - YUM!!! Look at that frames quilt...just beautiful!

Thanks for sharing.


Lisa Dickinson

oooh that quilt is way cool. and it doesn't require straight-line stitching, so I just might be able to pull it off! tfs! :)


i've been meaning to call you and ask how you were surviving - we've been thinking of you! and love the quilt. :)


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I have been trying to figure out a way to make large quilts out of baby clothes with a flower design and a butterfly design, but with out any squared edges!!!!! You rock!


this is so adorable! I'm definitely going to make one of these...lots of baby showers coming up :)

You should submit this project to whipup.net!


that is an awesome project Susan! thanks for making it available with the instructions - it's going on my "to-make" list. :)

PaperCutting Kind of Day

Is your project adorable???? LOVE it! And wow on the water. We have seen something like that at our back door when we have gotten tons of hard rain.


you have so many great projects! this quilt art and i love the oneies idea! (i have just spent the last 45 minutes writing down all your fun ideas. A NEW ADDICTION! we won't tell my husband.)

i am so glad paige had us share our blogs. i will keep checking in. thanks again.

Sasha Farina

how precious is the framed quilt?? the rain.. oh my. must be scary for you.. :) *hugs*


Hi Susan - I LOVE your quilt. So pretty and cheerful! Glad to hear you guys are ok - I was thinking of you and was wondering how it was out by you. We got lucky - the storm turned and completely missed us. Hope things are drier out there this week!


Susan I know what you mean with the rain. Also we had the "best" time trying to figure out how to put up hurricane shutters (being we didn't have them in Texas) and of course Fay was "supposed" to be headed toward Fort Myers. Joke was on us... and BTW our hurricane shutters are still up. LOL!!
Love, Love, Love that quilted picture. You are so super talented!


I hereby nominate you for the "I love your blog" award 'cause your rock my world in the design department. :)


LOVE the QUILT! It is very bright and looks adorable!

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