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April 23, 2008



Love this idea. But I'm lazy (and Target is oh so far away...) so I'm wondering if you have any interest in a cafepress shop. They might wash better, and probably wouldn't be much more $ if you throw in the cost of the onesie. If you do, please share a link!



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so grateful for the directions. We are hoping to get pregnant with baby number four soon and the onsies will be perfect!

Erin R.

Thank you so much. Baby number 1 is due in two short months and I can't wait to try these.

Andrea T. :)

Hi Susan!
I'm coming out of lurking to one say hello and tell you I really enjoy peeking in on your fun, light hearted and beautiful blog!

Two, I wanted to give you a recommendation (and your readers) on printing t-shirt transfers. I've bought many of the "over the counter" versions (Avery, HP, Etc.) and like you found that once they were washed they got that "wrinkled, crispy, homemade (and not in a good way) effect :). Somewhere in the blogging world about a year ago (I think maybe from Rhonna Farrer) was the recommendation of www.bestblanks.com. These are FABULOUS!! You can hardly see the edges once the iron on is applied and after washing you can't even tell. It is a bit more spendy (but if you go in with a few people and buy more it's a better deal), but worth it since you can actually wear the clothing more than once.

Hope that helps!

Lindsay Teague

well look at you, miss how-to!!! :) i want a baby so i can make onesies too! :)

Amy Ferguson

I like the use the transferes for dark t-shirts. No flipping and they wear really well!

Jen Fletcher

Thank you so much for taking the time to post instructions for us! My daughter is almost 3 months, I'm so going to do this!


I am not lucky enough to own Photoshop(YET!) so I just did mine in MS word and used Word Art. Now if I can figure it out..ANYONE can. My guy is 6mos next Monday and I had access to an color inkjet last weekend so I had to try it out thanks to all your inspiration Susan.

Laura Hit

Depending on your home printer, you may or may not have to switch it. I made some and messed up several sheets as I knew I had to flip them, but then on my printer, where you can change the paper source, I put photo transfer paper. My printer apparently is smart enough to flip the image, but not smart enough to tell me it did and I already did flip it (so it "flipped" it back to normal!). Couldn't figure that one out for awhile as to why it was working wrong! So try a practice sheet first!! Thanks for your inspiration!


I'm trying to make these right now and am SOOO frustrated. I have PSE4 and while the image is a circle on the screen, it is printing in the shape of an egg. I don't get it. These are so cute and I SO want to make them for my 3 month old son. Help?!


Yay - I figured it out- coincidentally I just switched from a regular monitor to a wide screen and that was giving me ovals instead of circles. Yay!!

BTW - I love the pics you have taken of Evan - they are excellent.


oh - awesome post! so glad you shared. thanks to andrea for the tip on better transfers!


Thanks for the great instructions! I can't wait to try it.


Those onsies are adorable. You are an amazing resource!

Heather D

I'm so glad I remembered you posted instructions on the monthly onesies! Especially since you can't find the Old Navy ones anymore. These are MUCH better anyway! My little guy is going to be 2 mos on the 23rd, but I think I'll fudge and do a late 1 month shot so I have the whole "collection." TFS!!!


Thanks for the step-by-step directions! I tried making my first month onesie but am having trouble with the iron transfer part. I followed the package instructions but part of the circle is coming off when I peel the transfer sheet off. Any suggestions?

sara bonacquisti

I will pay you to make some for my daughter!! would you?

Susan Weinroth

No - im a bit busy ;) thats why i provided the tutorial.... :)


My tip- I printed 1 and 2 months on one sheet, so I wouldnt have to worry about using the sheet again. That transfer paper is expensive!

brooke douglass

wow I love this idea!!!! I am going to do these!!! Thank u, brooke
I am your newest followerI hope you come follow me!!
Girl Boy Girl Inspired


I make these on stickers instead so they are cute for a pic but the onesie is resusable!


I knew I had to flip them, but then on my printer, where you can change the paper source, I put photo transfer paper.

onesies for adults australia

Definitely! Nothing is more cuter than a kid in a cute little onesie, and I mean nothing! I'm actually starting to take some lessons in making them, I hope it goes well because I'd be making some soon.

Cute Baby Girl Outfits

Clear instructions for pure fun!

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