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December 16, 2007



Thanks so much Susan for replying. At first I though maybe I scared you when you didn't reply! I love your photos and am eager to check your blog to see what cute shots of Evan you have come up with! I too am learning about photography I don't have an SLR just yet but am happy with my Canon S3IS! Thanks for the post I appreciate it!



Thanks for the helpful tips! Photography is so much fun when you have such a cute subject to shoot each day!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Susan, you are SUCH a dear!!! I just tried 'the cute frame trick' in PS Elements and it WORKED! Whoohoo!! Thank you so much for sharing so much of what you know about photography and PS with us! SOOOOO sweet of you!! I still have so much to learn....thanks for the lesson.

BTW, what a CUTE photo of Evan!


This post is so helpful...love knowing what others use to get their photos.

Jessie Fulkerson

Very cool Susan! I'm always trying to learn more as well, so I appreciate posts like these. For my PoTD challenge in '08, I'm going to try to shoot at least 1/2 with my Rebel so I can be more comfortable with it.


Thanks so much for all the info...now I need to look into getting the 28 1.8 lens :) a question, do you use your lightsphere/flash at all, or do you have enought light with your windows?


Great posting! My first "real" camera was a Canon Rebel - still have it and LOVE it :) It is fun to read how others 'process' or post-process for that matter ;)
Always enjoy your blog!
Thanks ~ Sam @ Loving Green


well aren't you a wealth of knowledge! i need to look at that 28mm before the baby comes. do you use it more than the 50mm?


I am so glad others asked you these questions. I have been lurking for oh...months and LOVE all your photos. I was very curious and thought if I asked you might think I'm a little weird. hehe :)

paola norman

Thanks for answering all the questions related to photography, I've been wanting to ask you some of the questions you answered. I always like to know what people's fav. lenses are and why esp. when one takes everyday shots so to speak..Now that you have the 40D would you recommend that over the Rebel xti?
Love to see all the pics you post and the coloring on your photo is beautiful!


As always, great photos, Susan! Thanks for sharing some great tips and how you shoot your great photos! Now I want the 28 1.8 lens. :)

Debbie Cook

awesome post, susan! i love all the info. i'm curious if you've ever taken a photography class and if so, would you recommend one? or are you self taught?
i like my photos crisp and slightly saturated as well, and i'm a big fan of your photography style. i am just finding myself not quite understanding a lot of the manuals, etc becasue of the terminology i haven't learned yet. thanks so much!


Thanks for all the great info! I'm trying to decide which lens to get next for my XTi and your post gave me some great ideas!

Kathy C.

Hi Susan - Thanks so much for all the info in this GREAT post! What an AWESOME window to have in Minnesota!!! Great photos & what a cutie Evan is!
Happy Holidays!
~ Kathy C. (Oregon)


Susan~ Just a lurker here but wanted to thank you for this post. I am beginning to learn more about PS...PSE is more my style but I'm branching out! I always wondered how you made your frames and then just by chance I enlarged my canvas and VOILA! I read this post and see that's how it's supposed to be done! It just sooo finishes a picture off to be posted!!! Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas!

tracy f

I have long admired the lovely photography on your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your tips and background!


i so admire your photographs! thanks for this post, i think it is actually going to help me out a bit! whooohoo!


Wonderful hints! Thank you so much for sharing, as I often come to your blog to be "color" inspired. Much appreciated!

Summer van der Westhuyzen

Hey Susan, I remember you were very sweet to answer a similar question I asked you a few months ago. I'm still enjoying keeping up with your blog and all your cute creative pictures you share. (BTW, I love your the stripes stuff too--I adore the picture Gap used with Amanda Peet and her baby in the stripes--reminded me of you and Ev with the adorable shots you capture.)

I've been having fun learning my Nikon D40x SLR that came with a couple lenses from Costco. I thought buying it would cure me of my "need" to have a great camera, but instead it has totally whet my appetite. Maybe I need a canon too.... hmmm..


Hi- I'm a new reader to your blog. Found you off my sis-in-law's site (beejo.typepad). I LOVE your photography, and loved reading your techniques and tips here. I got my first DSLR 4 months before my son (who's now 10 months) was born, and am kicking myself for not getting good at using it before he came along! I take a ton of pictures of him, but am still getting the hang of it. Anyway, I love seeing others' photography skills for inspiration, and hopefully I can get ONE shot that's half as good as some of the others I see!
(P.S. Totally jealous of your Florida vacationing. Where in MN do you live?)

Debbie Cook

susan, i remember at one point you mentioned actions by mindy and brenda.
i was wondering if you were still using those or had added any others to your collection. and wondering if you used an action in your current post. love the oranges in that pic!
and i just noticed that you use PS 7.0. is that PS elements? i couldn't figure out how to load actions in my elements program!

Kelly K

Just love your pictures, as soon as I saw them from a link on someone's blog... I was in awe of your talent. You really have the eye! Thanks so much fo replying to my email. That shows how sweet you truly are! Keep the images coming! They are fantastic! The bright colors are truly wonderful! Would LOVE to pic your brain to snag that Photshop knowledge you have!

Have fun in Florida!


Shelley Haganman

I love your photography and thank you for all your helpful tips. I just tried your canvas resize tips and I am in love! It just adds so much to the photo! Thanks! Shelley


I was checking out the Rebel, and am a Canon girl all the way. This has definitely helped give me more ideas of cameras and equipment to check out. Thanks a bunch!


Hi Susan,

I am about to purchase my first SLR... what would you recommend, Canon 50D or Rebel XTi?


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