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February 20, 2015



I'm so glad you are back to blogging! You are such a great inspiration!!! And I LOVE simplicity!


I always love seeing your work! Especially as a fellow boy mom :) what kit is your title page 3 x 4 filler card from?


I'm absolutely in love with all of your pages. I have been going back through them constantly this week as I get ready to catch up on 8 years of my boys. I also have 3 little boys. Your pages are beautiful!!! I've bought some of Ali's stamps that you use that I love, but how do you keep then organized or figure out which ones you want to use? I loaded them all into Photoshop, but it's hard to see what they all are. Also, to figure out exactly what I want to use. Just wondering if you had any tips. Thanks! 😊

Susan Weinroth

hi Ashley!!!

i hate to say it but i DO NOT have a system for organizing photo brushes.  I should probably google it and investigate - but who has time for that?!?!?  ha.  ;)  If you find one - please share.  I do run into a problem periodically of my PS crashing - at which point I have to reload ALL MY BRUSHES - and i usually end up just re-loading my most-used and the seasonally appropriate ones.  But YES - i totally agree that its tough to manage!!!

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