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July 18, 2014



Love, love, love the fourth one. Such fun!!


Thank you so much for posting this. I have 3 boys, and I am always looking for ideas to get cute photos of them without elaborate props- this is quick and easy and perfect for the summer! You take such beautiful photos, please keep the tips coming!

Deanna Misner

LOVE these tips! Although I've taken several photography classes, it's always a treat when someone walks you through their process. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing more Photo Fridays in the future!

Deanna M.

I've been missing your posts so I'm soooo excited to see this one. I love your photos and having the opportunity for you to walk us through your process is incredible. I would love to see more tips for photography children (I have 3 year old twin boys--I think that says it all). Also more tips to properly expose for back lit scenes and setting proper white balance.


Such beautiful color in these photos! I would love to see some tips for indoor photography. I use a nicer point and shoot Nikon and an iphone 5s. I know to find the best light indoors, but have trouble with the composition sometimes (feel like i use the same angles over and over)


Oooh, love this Photo Friday idea! I especially like hearing about the technical stuff (mode, aperture and ISO), so I can test them out at home. Thanks for sharing!


I would love to hear how you edit on your iPhone. Specific app? Pic tap go? Certain filters?


I would love to learn about your cohesive look, it's so wonderful!


I am so excited about these posts! Someone mentioned properly exposing for backlit images and I would love to know more about that too. Sometimes mine turn out good and sometimes not, I'd love to know your process when shooting them.

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