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January 08, 2014


Jenny B.

Love this post! Your photos always have such good composition. I really struggle with that, and I wish I could just snap a quick pic and not have to think about it too much. I guess that comes with experience. :) I'm doing a PL album in page protectors this year (as opposed to the digital photobooks I've done for the past two years), and your blog has been so influential in that decision. I gave you a little shout-out on my blog this week. :)


Wow Susan, i LOVE every single bit about it!!! Your pictures and your PL always blow me away. :)
May i ask what lens you used for the close-ups of Evan and Noah (week 38 left side)?? :) I always wonder what equipment you have/use. And did you use the same lens for the single picture of Evan in the 5x7 page protector (same week, right side). :)
Thank you so much for sharing!
Your are a huge inspiration for me - as a mother and a PLer. :)


Susan, your layouts are just gorgeous! You really make me want to embrace Project Life. Q. Do you print at home? If so, what printer do you use? Cheers, Lis.

Andrea Schwer

Susan - I love your layouts each week! I was wondering if you could share with us your 'go to' Ali Edwards brushes. I am starting to collect more and more, but I love to see how others use them. Thanks!


i posted this on Facebook because your layouts are always so vibrant!!


Can you tell us more about your photography... what lenses your using, what settings, etc.? And, can you tell us specifically what Ali Edward brushes you use? It's a bit overwhelming to look through all of them... but I like yours! Thanks for all your info!

Susan Weinroth

@amber - I have linked some of my favorite ali brushes in the products sections of past PL posts - you can click the 2013 PL category link at the bottom of one of those posts and scroll through.  Honestly i have a LOT of them and i combine them all the time (erasing parts and adding other parts).  Ill try to schedule a photography post soon to cover equipment!! :)  good idea!

Susan Weinroth

@lisa - thank you!  i print at costco.  and you SHOULD totally tackle it - you wont be sorry!

Susan Weinroth

@Anja - Thank you!  Trying to plan a photography equipment update post soon - but for those shots - the two upclose headshots of the boys on the left were with my canon 50mm 1.2L lens, and the baseball 5x7 was my 24-70mm 2.8L lens.  HTHs :))


Would you ever consider sharing a few SOOC pictures, and a few editing tips? Your pictures always look bright and gorgeous without looking overly done. Also, when you use pictures from your phone do you edit those as well?


Susan...I love your work and would appreciate your advice. I'm having trouble understanding colour space. I know that I should stick with Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB when editing in Lightroom or Photoshop but when I print at home or at Costco, my best prints are from sRGB. My colours look very washed out when I print from a saved RGB colour space. What do you do when you print at Costco? Is there anything special you do? Like, do you use their profiles and which colour space do you use? Thanks!


These are gorgeous pages!!

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