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November 26, 2013


Stephanie Baxter

Tough decision for sure, but it's important to do what is right for you :) Does this mean you won't be making any traditional scrapbook layouts any more and will just stick to PL?


I'm really hoping that you'll share more of your PL album on your blog. I love your pages so much...particularly the way you journal on your photos. And your colors are always gorgeous!


As long as you don't stop creating and sharing, I know it will be alright... I hope it was a good choice feeling for you. ((hugs))

Linda Barber

I'm going to see your gallery every month. Because you know I only go there for a few reasons... ;)

But you know I'll continue to stalk you here, Instagram, FB, Twitter, and in real life. LOL!


Jen Boumis

Whatever you do next will be fabulous because you are! Keep those boys little as long as you can and enjoy this time.

Linda Barber

That was supposed to read "I'm going to miss seeing your gallery..."


Megan Liane

Susan - I will definitely miss seeing your gallery at SC but completely understand. There are only so many hours in a day and they sure do grow up fast...I can understand how having "assignments" could definitely change things..Well just wanted to leave you a quick note to let you know you will be missed! Megan


I can totally relate. Sad that I won't be seeing your gallery each month, but so happy that PL is working for you! Can't to see your album throughout 2014! Best wishes!


When I saw the long list of names on the SC blog, I was surprised. Then I got to the end and saw your name and I was sad. I have LOVED using your boy layouts for inspiration over the years. You will be missed!


I think seeing your name on the list of goodbye's was the saddest for me. I love seeing your layouts. With 4 boys of my own, I love seeing all those boys inspired pages! Hope to see more of you doing what you love here on your blog in 2014!


Susan you are one of my very favorites and although I will miss seeing your inspiration at the SC DT gallery I will still be coming here to your blog. I love your work and hope you continue to share it :)


I'll second Monica's boy mama comment! Just the other day my son was wearing an outfit I loved and I thought it was a perfect mix of the Weinroth blues and aquas! Sometimes making the right decision isn't the easiest but you end up happy you made it. = )


I will miss seeing your gallery but hope to follow along with you here! Sometimes a change can be the best thing--I also found my creativity grow when I started Project Life, and after a few months of PL, I'm falling back in love with layouts!


Will so miss you at SC, but happy to follow along with you here!

young c

Sad to hear, but look forward to all the future creations you'll make. :)


I left scrapbooking many years ago because it was no longer my terms. I never thought I would come back, but I've been inspired to try project life. Best wishes. I will look forward to seeing all that you have in store.


I have a prediction for 2014- Becky Higgins and Project Life! I really hope so! You're my favorite Project Lifer!

Beth Ann

I will miss you at SC. Sending much love your way.

Tricia Gray

I am so glad you will continue to post your work here on your blog. I love your style and you inspire me!


Susan you are the reason why I started Scrapbooking 6 years ago!! I love your style and I love your blog and photos. but I totally understand your position and your choice. I also find that being in the industry is extremely demanding for us and I feel sometimes I spend my time scrapbooking my life instead of living it!!I am looking forward to seeing what you create now your time is all yours! hugs

Laura C

Susan, I have enjoyed and admired your work for many years. I will miss seeing your gallery at SC, but plan to continue to follow your blog. Best wishes as you rediscover the joy of scrapping just for you/your family!


I've always been a fan of your craft at SC and will continue to be here on your blog, thanks for always being an inspiration to many out there who love your crafts, including myself. :)


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