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February 04, 2013


laurie lariviere

awww poor guy, hope he's better soon. My little guy had to have a surgery when he was four, his circumcision (spell?) had to be redone, not good...lots of rest and treats...congrats on being on your way to a diaper free house! love your idea of a counter full of fun prizes :)


love that sweet boy-- and he picked up on the potty training SO fast! he's amazing.
hope he's feeling back to himself this week.


i so remember the prize counter! and isn't the second one so much easier?! i'm close to having L done with pull-ups at night. woot!


Hope he feels better soon. Can't wait til we get to that point too.


Awww poor little guy. I had the same operation when I was child (I was 7 though). I'd suffered from terrible ear aches for years and once I had adnoids out and the tubes put in, no more ear aches :) Hope it's the same for him!

Emma R

Hope Noah is on the mend soon.
I love the idea of the prize counter, might have to try that when my little guy is ready for potty training, something tells me he won't be as easy going as his sister was!


Hope he is feeling much better this week and YAY for no more nappies(diapers).


My baby girl has this done earlier last year. She is just three, it's made a big difference, I hope it's the same for Noah. He'll be feeling right as rain soon!
All the best

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