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February 25, 2013



love, love, and love.
now come eat girl scout cookies with me.

lisa truesdell

omgosh, we had glasses like that when A and B were little. loved them!!

Kim Brown

It seems we like the same books. Wait for the twist at the end. What the what?
You should follow me on goodread. kbrown0 Have you tried the other two books by colleen? she is editing another right now. I'm thinking it is from Holder's point of view.
Check out maryse.net for great book reads. you really can't go wrong with any of her recommendations. have you read thoughtless/effortless for s.c. stephens? The third is being released in 7days. Kellen is my book boyfriend.

Becky Trump

Those glasses are too cute :)


So glad to hear someone else loves Nashville. I love that show but don't know anyone that watches it. So want Rayna (sp?) and Deacon to get together and Scarlett and Gunner.


we so have the same taste in shows, it's crazy! from the O.C to Bachelor and YES I LOVE NASHVILLE!!!!!!!! <3

and your photos woo me friend! The colors...be still my heart! Teach us oh wise one about light, color, how to get natural light in your home....lenses and more...I LOVE IT ALL :)

laurie lariviere

those glasses would make me laugh too, so cute!!

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