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November 16, 2012



Love your pages, love all the varied angles of the photos on the right page! Thanks for sharing it with us.


love your take on pL. you have great emphasis on photos. thanks for inspiring.


I adore every little thing that you do! :)

Heather Johnson

You have the prettiest pages ever, totally one of my favorites! I hope you submitted to Becky's CT--you would be perfect!!

Julie V.

I absolutely love your PL pages! They provide much needed inspiration. I did have a quick question... I noticed that you don't use as much of the kit now as compared to the beginning. I was wondering if you were planning on ordering a kit for next year's PL or not? Also, if so which one do you have your eye on?


Another great PL week! Thanks for sharing...was wondering if you can share how you make the hearts on your calendar - love how you've done that all year.

Susan Weinroth

@Krystyn - i set up a another layer on top of the stamped 3x4 calendar card, then stamp the hearts over the #s that week at full opacity, then reduce the opacity of the whole layer to around 55% (the hearts layer) - so it looks like the #s of the week are highlighted.  HTHs :)) -S

Susan Weinroth

@Julie - i havent decided yet!  i NEED to take a better look at the new ones - will probably end up buying one of them and a big stack of grid cards.  ;))


Love love love your PL! Your boys are just the cutest! :)

Amanda Robbins

Hi Susan,
Just stumbled on your blog, and I wanted to say that I love your week __ cards, the idea and the color combos. Beautiful pages:)


Hi Susan! I've been a fan of your creations and have followed your blog for some time now. I have a question about PL: do you think it takes place of regular scrapbooking? Like, do you focus more on the PL pages? I'm thinking of starting PL in 2013 and I feel like it may be overwhelming and hard to keep up with. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!

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