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May 09, 2012



LOVE that sweetpea.
and little ev has that same rash guard.
i love our good taste.
and noah.

Jill D

I love your monthly posts about your little guy. I have a little boy who will be 2 in June, also, and seeing your monthly reports has helped me remember to do the same for my little boy. I haven't started scrapping his photos, but I've got all the details recorded so when I get around to the page, I will not forget how much he changed month to month. Thank you!


He's such a cutie! Wish I had done this with my boys ... You forget so much as they get bigger.

Laurie LaRiviere

he is darling, just the cutest, with the bluest eyes!! my son is four and he loves babies too and will point them out, it's funny how they know someone is the same size as them! he wants me to have a baby for him to play with...nope 42 years too old for that! lol two teens and a 4 year old keep me all the busy I want to be! and yes that Target popcorn is great, keeps them seated and helps at the movies too :)


I really love your post about your children because I have a big boy (one year younger than Evan) and a girl one month younger than Noah, so it's like read my own life on someone else words!!

By the way, Target popcorn rocks, my husband and I are popcorn lovers and we use to buy the combo every time... Once my kiddos notice that every time we are even in the target parking lot they began to yell POPCORN!!!

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