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March 14, 2012



um, i'm coming down next orange season.
you and your sister are a) gorgeous and b) CRAZY TALENTED!!!!
love these.



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Julie Lisonbee


okay ... talk about AWESOME. i know i already told you this, but those shots ROCK. and who knew you had TWO awesome SISTERS that rock at photography? your whole family is so talented. also: great job on coordinating your looks - perfect! now i want to come to florida and throw my little people in to an orange grove! :)

jung a

awesome! beautiful family and photos!


Great pictures! Boys must be so much better at sitting still than girls are! My girls are 8, 12 and 14 and I still can't get a good picture of all three. The 14 yr. old thinks that if her head is facing me, her eyes can look in any direction. And she can't get rid of her fake or "facebook" smile. But I will say that they do pose quite well for the cute "scope guys" that work taking pictures on the beach!!

emily (justem)

these are awesome.
and now i want oranges. :)


Not only that i am enjoy for what you post, but the photos of happy family together. Thanks for sharing.


No one can pay to happiness in humas life. I am happy to see a complete and happy family.


Hi Susan! Hope you are well. I never got a chance to tell you but I absolutely LOVE all of these photos! One of these days I'm going to have to book a photo shoot with you and your sister! Just have to drive to different parts of the state! You and your family are beautiful!

PS - I love how you coordinated outfits too!

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