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February 15, 2012


emily pitts

my kids did the same thing. my sister did the same thing. i love mr. potato head :)

Stephanie Howell

oh how much FUN our kiddos would have together.xoxo

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

LOL, so cute. Love that your boys have these little moments together. So sweet!


amazing to me how you take a moment and work it. YOU are what scrapbooking is all about!

Kimberly Delco

Ha! Had to say that my son did the exact same thing with the glasses. how funny is that! And I even have a picture of him wearing them! :)


they are always worn upside down at our house. :)


Oh my goodness! Hilarious!!! My little man went through a phase with swimming goggles:o)


Ha ha ha that is too cute! Love the pictures of your boys!



Ha! They are the sweetest!

emily (justem)

haha! love them!


my son does that too, he's been sick the last few days and has watched all three Toy Story movies over and over, and has his potatoe head guy with him and keeps wearing the glasses...cute pics, love Noah's jammies, so bright and colorful :)

laura vegas

they're SO cute! these glasses are a favorite here too. i think i have photos of just about every daycare kid i have had, with the potato head glasses on. lol!

Steph H

glad to know we're not the only ones rocking the Mr Potatohead glasses :)

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