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February 06, 2012



i think noah and L could have a hot date and watch elmo together. :)


they are so cute! I totally agree with you. I probably wouldn't even have taken phone pics of our last zoo trip if not for PL, but I'm glad I did!

Lindsay Moreno

I feel the same way. I'm taking my camera out more because of PL! Love these pics!


my cousin is on her third year. she is a super-girl like you so she keeps up with PL. really an amazing way to keep notes of your life. i could never do it because i am so not on top of it. i go in and out of creative consciousness. you on the other hand (and my cousin) are stable!

lisa truesdell

oooooh, that bottom pic! SO sweet.


these make my heart happy.
especially that last one.


omg, those pics are the cutest!!


Adorable! Do you mind sharing what lens you used in the first picture? I need a good wide angle lens...:o)

Susan Weinroth

sure - it was my 28mm 1.8.


Becky Trump

Oh gosh!!! Those are adorable photos - I LOVE the last b&w of E and N :)




i love these pictures! also, is it weird for me to want a little nook type area (shown in your first picture) to stuff my tv into? i know, i'm a dork. that last picture is perfection. :)

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