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December 27, 2011


Susan Weinroth

Created it myself with just fonts that I had and a heart brush!

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Amanda S.

I love your bright happy title page!! Can't wait to see your album grow over the next year!! :)

Schona Kessler Photography

Yay! I just made a facebook fanpage for fellow project lifers to share ideas, layouts and stuff. Please join! Tell others too!


Jen F.

oh great, I said I wasn't going to do PL, but now after seeing yours I want to again. Your title page is gorgeous! How do you print on the journaling cards though? I like my handwriting, but not enough to see it on every page in the album if I do one! Do you have a specific printer that works well with the little cards? How do you line it up just right? I think I would would be making a lot of "oopsies" journal cards. Love to hear your tips!

Susan Weinroth

i was planning to write out handjournaling on those!  but you could also just print journaling strips to cardstock and trim and adhere...


Phew! Finally someone using Cobalt. I loved the design but wasn't seeing anyone using it so I was thinking I'd regret my design choice. Yours is so cute. Can't wait to fill up this year with memories.


I love it! Any chance you would be willing to share your twenty twelve title page cards as a download?

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