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October 09, 2011



I love NYC. there is no place else like it.

Courtney Walsh

1. you are gorgeous.
2. kp is gorgeous.
3. i miss nyc like mad-crazy right now. I love love love your pics!!
4. i am so glad i rediscovered your blog!


Stephanie Howell

Oh Susan these are awesome. I miss NYC SO much. And I agree, it's best at night. Xoxo

young c-m

Looks so fun! You're giving me ideas for a future NYC trip. :)

jennifer Camplin

neat trip to NYC!

never been there.


Looks like you had so much fun. I LOVE that big bowl of soup YUM.

Linda Barber

So fab! I've got to be better about taking photos when I travel. Actually, anytime. :)


Susan, my daughter and I are going the week after Thanksgiving and your fabulous pictures and itinerary are making me so excited! I cannot agree with you more about NYC being the best at night. I love the view from top of the Empire State Bldg at night! I think this time, though, we will go to Top of the Rock and experience that. I hope it isn't too cold to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which looks wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. P.S. So sorry Eric got sick - that is no fun at all! My husband and I just got back from a trip to CA and he got food poisoning while there so I can totally relate.

Susan Weinroth

have a GREAT time angie!  i highly recommend top of the rock - so glad that i ended up stumbling upon it.  also - they had a ticket deal where you can go back at sunset the same day (i didnt do it bc we had a wedding to attend) but i thought it was an interesting idea for great photo ops!

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