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July 06, 2011



I love the quilts! They remind me of the one I started last year (I emailed you for tips which were very handy, thank you!) that is still waiting to be completed. I finished the top, but then my big pregnant belly got in the way of sewing, and it has been untouched ever since... Good thing it is summer and too hot for quilts! That gives me at least four months to get my act together. :) I'm aiming to have it done by the time she's one... haha.


Yay!! Thank you! :) I'm so excited to get it!! (And the tree quilt is gorgeous!)

Erin b

I'm a little jealousy of Em. That circle quilt is awesome. Love the sneak of the in progress baby quilt too. So talented!


Thank you so much, sweet friend!
That mini quilt is doing BIG things. :)
Sending hugs and love your way! Love that other gorgeous quilt you started! SO pretty! Love the circles!


those quilts are gorgeous, such happy bright colors, I also love to quilt, but its a time factor for me too, love to scrapbook too, but my little guy is at that age where he's not napping anymore and not in school yet so my free time has vanished...seeing your quilts has got me in the mood to make something when I can squeeze in a few stiches :)

Katie Tartt

OH WOW!!!! I'm so lucky such a beautiful quilt!!!! Yay!!! I get giddy looking at it! No hurry either--you are a busy momma!!! LOVE IT & LOVE U!!! hee-hee :)

Rebecca Trafecanty

Gorgeous quilt top! Thanks for posting so many inspirational quilts. You really have inspired me. I'm new to quilting and thought I'd share with you one of my first quilts on our blog (3 of us update it). Maybe you'll like it (I think we have a similar quilting style). http://fabricatingpieces.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/the-elephant-quilt/ Keep up the quilting you're great at it!

Susan Weinroth

thats absolutely STUNNING rebecca!!!!  :)


Wow, the quilt with the circles is amazing! How do you even find the time to quilt...

Susan Weinroth

haha.  i DONt!!!! :)  hence the unfinished quilt top from before Noah was born.  ;)


That quilt top is absolutely gorgeous! Love all the fabrics you used!

Rocky Delafontaine

These are beautiful quilts and patterns. I'm struck by the colorful details. It is touching because you are donating these quilts for a good cause.

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