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June 01, 2011


jennifer Camplin

The day you will never forget..
Glad you had all of that captured to remember by.

Soon already Noah be ONE! wow.


i also refuse to believe he'll be ONE tomorrow.
that's impossible.
you were the MOST GORGEOUS about to give birth woman EVER. for seriously.
and he looks so much like ev in that last picture?!


i'm with gabby -
gorgeous about to have a baby momma.

and that series of photos is magical.
gave me the goosebumps.

Lisa VanderVeen

O.M.G. That series is AMAZING. I totally wish I was a scrapbooker the day Sophie was born. Happy birthday Noah!!!


Awwww! LOVE this, Susan! Happy Birthing Day to you! :-D

Stevie Kerrison

Love those photos! Happy Birthday, Mr. Noah!!!

Mary Jo

Oh my goodness! What amazing photos! That cute little baby is going to be one!
It's been fun watching him grow through your SC layouts :)


These photos tell such a beautiful story :)
And, wow, you look fabulous in every photo!!
And I love the scattered photos of the time throughout :)
My baby #2 is due at the beginning of September and I am sure that I will not have even one photo (of myself!) that I will be really happy to share, nor do I from baby #1, I just don't have that 'glow'!! haha
You look great!!


... and enjoy his Birthday :)


love that the photos tell the story. can't believe n is ONE?!

Terri E.

I can't believe that our babies were born on the same day. I have loved your ideas and have taken similar pics (I have a 4 year old as well). You are so inspirational and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your family and creativity.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Stephanie Howell

oh this series of photos is gorgeous, it made me teary. happy birthday, noah!

emily (justem)

aw this post makes me a little weepy. i wish we would have taken more photos of Henry's birth, but things were a bit, um...crazy? ;)

happy birthday to noah! he's a totally adorable little guy!

Krista Nash

AMAZING pictures!

Jeannie L

beautiful set of pictures... Time does fly.

Happy First Birthday, Noah!


Great set of photos! Like everyone said, you look amazing in those pictures, although in the first one all I could think was "uhhh you are too smiley to be in labor...I think I hate you..." ROTF. Just kidding. ;) You do look amazing and I love that your hubby took these photos...my hubby dropped the ball with our 5th baby...he forgot to take a SINGLE picture. I was so upset.


What a great collection of photos. I wish that I had something like this for our second little guy! My labor was way too fast for us to get any photos before he arrived. :) Happy Birth Day to you too, mama!

Jennifer Sanborn

Happy Birthday Noah!! :) Great pictures!


What a fantastic post!! Happy Birthday Noah!


OMGOSH! What a great photo documentary! :)
Happy Happy Birthday, Baby No-wah! :)

Jennafer M

happy birthday, little man!!


thank you so much for sharing! made me cry as I sent my three little ones off to their last day of school here for the summer...the time goes way too fast, soak in as much as you can!

Lee Lord

That was an amazing adventure that you just tok us all on! Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.


You created a remarkable journey to continue with precious Noah! As my youngest son graduates from high school this week, I am reminded of how quickly the years have gone by. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for allowing us to see inside your heart!


I knew it was coming...I remember seeing on your blog and waiting for mine to get here....she will be 1 on Saturday! Happy Birthday Noah! Have fun!

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