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June 15, 2011


Meghan B

So adorable are your sweet boys!
And may I ask what your wall color is?? It's is so stunning in all of your photos!

Susan Weinroth

thanks meghan!  its Benjamin Moores Beachglass but reduced 50%.  :)


i love you guys
and that photo wall thing looks AMAZING.

lisa truesdell

heeeeeeeee. love them. hope they let you rest today!

Kellie N

I love the frames on the wall in your kitchen. Where is that from????

Laurie LaRiviere

very cute photos! I posted something similar on my blog a few days ago, but it's a whole lot messier...lol...kids are out of school and the house is turned upside down! me too with the laundry piled on the couch...your boys are just adorable, and I love your paint color too!


Cute, Susan. :)

I, like Meghan, love your paint color.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

your boys are just adorable, Susan! :) love your everyday snaps!


Susan Weinroth

thanks kellie - its the pottery barn wall easel system.  :)

Heather Tarrant

Susan, I love your style! I'm curious what lens did you use for these pictures? You're pictures are always so crisp/clear and full of color, just like your scrapbook pages, and I just love it! I'm not a professional photographer, but want to take better pictures of my kids and am desperate need of a better lens!

Susan Weinroth

Hey heather - I think it was my 28mm 1.8 lens. I shoot raw (even for everyday candids) and then adjust everything that I need to when I convert the raw file to jpeg. Hth! ;)

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how funny! I wanted to ask where did you get the frames from, but I see it's a really popular question :)


Your kids and your photos are really cute and cool!

Whenever there is a choice between sitting on the couch and folding the laundry, I say "TAKE THE COUCH!"

As long as the laundry is clean and dry, as far as I am concerned, it can stay in a pile. And the kids love going on a 'dig' to find their clothes. Of course it also helps to have a spare room in which to dump the laundry so you can close the door on the 'dig site' when the unexpected guests arrive!

Take care Susan.

jennifer Camplin

Fun boys.. busy boys!



After searching through the blog, I see you get questions about the paint color alot :)...would you mind another? What color does it read during the day/night? Is it more of a gray or blue? Thanks!


Hi Susan,

I love your wall color and saw that you said it was BM Beachglass but reduced 50%. How did you "reduce" it?

Susan Weinroth

Benjamin Moore reduced it when they mixed it - just ask them for it - they know!

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Cool thank you. Its a gorgeous color! Moving to the beach and having the hardest time looking for colors. This works!

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