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April 16, 2011



oh yes... i've yet to start on L's baby book. oops!

Jennifer Camplin

cute lil DUDE!

Laura Evangeline

Ahhh! Time is going by too fast. I need more breathing space squeezed in between life somehow. One more time: Ahhh!!!


hi there, you have such beautiful photography skills, and i'm a big fan of your fresh scrap style. and your children are adorable.
happy day!

Teka Cochonneau

:) Completely Understand. Where does time go?


i do so LOVE him.


Your son is adorable! And don't worry about being behind in photos sorting and stuff, because just like laundry and dishes, they will still be there tomorrow for you to sort! lol I have 3 kids, and life is just busy, so I totally get it. The important thing is that you're playing with them...that's worth more than photo sorting! My only advice about things you *should* worry about doing before you forget, is write down ALL the cute things they say, because you think you could never forget them...but you do...it just slips from our mom brains! lol


i feel like i'm way behind on things too. you know what though, playing and being in the present with these little dudes is the most important thing. we can only do the best we can. in a few years we'll have plenty of time to catch up on the 'paperwork' of their baby/toddlerhood. right? lol!

noah is so adorable! he looks a lot like his older brother to me. and i've been thinking either having an 'owl' party or a 'monster' party for levi's first. i've seen these onesie's before and it might have just tipped me in that direction. only a month left to get that planned! :)

hope all is well! i'll stop rambling!


Happy I'm not the only one that keeps my text message history for scrapbooking and documenting purposes!

Do you do project life? I've found that a really great way to journal a little about the photos I would have taken each and every day. Clearly you have the photos too.


I think Noah and Nora have the same exact hair, even down to the longish part on one side. :)

Lisa Dickinson

heeee - that's classic second child syndrome, right? but playtime totally trumps all those other tasks! :)

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