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April 21, 2011


Jennifer Camplin

heart.. love to check your blog... fun way creative to show us.. fun snapshots too!

happy hoppy hoppy family!

Nikki M

You always amaze me! That hat is so stinkin' cute and those chickies...oh my! What a great grandparent gift. Is that Studio Calico paper for the feet? So cute!

Susan Weinroth

thank you nikki!!! :)  nope - its all fabric.


These pictures of Noah are soooooo cute!!!!! your photography always amazes me!!!

JDaniel4's Mom

This post is such fun! I love the hat!

Jeralee Renshaw

Where did you buy the bags for the gold fish carrots?

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ADORABLE!! GOing to give the chick a whirl here...time is running out!!

Omar Faruq

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Hi do you mind giving me some help on where you found or made the top hat (the actual hat) I have 2 boys ages 3 and 2 and I would love to make them easter top hats for an Easter shoot coming up. Thanks so much :)

Susan Weinroth

@melody - the school provided them!  id try some of the craft stores though - its just a paper hat


Love the blue "fedora" hat. We would like to make them for our Easter Egg Hunt. Where did you get them? Thanks, Lynn and Paula

Susan Weinroth

hi there - its a paper hat that our preschool provided - i think you may be able to find them in party stores (i sprayed it blue!)...  HTHs -Susan


Did you make the hat? If so how? I love it!

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