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March 08, 2011



Cute as a button!


1) i love his eyes. so much so.
2) i refuse to believe he is mobile.
3) i love your house/floors/etc.
4) i'm moving in.


I can't stand it, he's so cute!! You must just want to kiss that cute face all day! Yes, I love your floors too :)


My youngest was a bum scooter, too. It was a very efficient means of transportation. :)
Oh, and both of my kids got their first two teeth at 11 1/2 months. My youngest didn't get any more after that until SEVENTEEN months! lol! I began to wonder if they were in there at all. :)


one of the little ones i nannied for crawled just like that. it always made me giggle - so cute :)


What a doll! I love all your posts, Susan :) What brand is that little mobile zoo thing he's got? So cute!!


yay for scooting!

Susan Weinroth

thanks annie!  its the fisher-price amazing animals train - weve had it from when evan was a baby.  :)


look at those eyes!

emily (justem)

ack! look at him in that shirt! he looks like he's ready for vegas! totally cute!

Susan Weinroth

HAhhhhhahahaha!  Thanks Emily!  Seriously the funniest (and best) comment Ive gotten in a while - thanks for that.  ;)

Jennifer Camplin

Cute dude on go.


That tongue is SO DARN CUTE!!!! He is a sweetie.

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