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January 27, 2011


Kate aka stinkydudette

Love your pages, Susan... Totally love the colors this month!!!

Sarah Martina

Totally missed out on the add-ons :(. But love what you did with them!


Love everything! Where did you get that onesies Noah's wearing in the Piggies layout? I want one :)


You make me want to buy this kit :)

Jennifer Camplin

Lovely color layouts!!

Sweet lil boy!!


Love your layouts, Susan! Hope you are doing well!

Sarah Klemish

So incredible Susan! Your layouts are the best (as always). Can't wait to get my kit!!


Your pages are just pure sunshine! Things really got crazy at SC yesterday, but luckily I got everything I wanted!

Susan Weinroth




I love your perfectly placed items and eye for color. And I only wish I could take photographs like you! :)

Darcy H

Um, the toothless page?? Joya didn't get her 1st tooth til 15 months.. Noah might wait awhile! Joya is now 21 months and has 5 teeth. Silly girl!

Angela Broncho

Cute Baby...How did you make the picture strip?

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