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May 11, 2010


Steph Connor

It's good to hear you are also behind on your son's scrapbook. I'm frantically trying to get caught up with my son's, who will turn one at the end of the month, before Baby #4 gets here in September. Also, I empathize with you on the carpal tunnel pain. I was up half of the night during my last month with my son, and my brace was of little help. I'm so afraid it's going to happen again this pregnancy!

Traveling Mama

We did that too... enjoyed those last few days just before baby #1, then #2, and finally #3! It is so wonderful to welcome another little soul into the family- pure bliss!


The doctor prescribed these splints for my husband's carpal tunnel and they really work. (I stole it for a few nights)

Colleen S

Hey Susan - You are so nesting! I love it and miss that phase of pregnancy. I used the "Sleep Sheep" for my daughter as a white noise maker to sooth her to sleep. She loved it! (Wish you were closer. I'd give you ours.) It velcros onto the crib and has a few different noises. It also comes in a travel size which is great to strap on to the car seat. :)
Good luck with the rest of organizing. :)

Monica McNeill

Loved reading your post. I'm 37 weeks tomorrow & can absolutely relate to where you are right now. For me, the discomfort is my sciatica.

Can't wait to see the new quilt!

Good luck packing your bag. My husband is begging me to pack mine :) I think I'm in denial that the baby could come early!


PRICELESS pic, Sus! Can't wait to see what this baby is! Um, bet it's not even close to what you are feeling!!!

Sue Thomas

Sounds like you're very ready for baby #2 to arrive!!! That photo of Evan is so stinkin' cute, Susan!!!!!


Have you ever tried the Fisher Price aquarium for soothing noises? My daughter Gracie loves it. Her favourite is the waves crashing... She's at the age now, where she can turn it on by herself, so she wakes up, presses the button and lays back down to go to sleep. Amazing!


I had crazy swelling and carpal tunnel with baby #1. Both of which went away while I was still in the hospital. I remember saying, "wow, I have ankle bones again" the day after I had Jack. Luckily, I haven't had either this time around. Hang in there!

Susan Weinroth

yep!  we have the aquarium...  it is fabulous, i agree.  really looking more for something that doesnt run off batteries, and can drown out other household noises...

Erin R.

We used g-diapers and were not thrilled. The concept is great and I may try using the covers that I already have with their "new" cloth inserts with baby #2, but I don't recommend them with the flushable inserts (which aren't truly flushable according to US standards). The problem is that once they get a little bit wet, they shrink up and then they leak. I found that since I seemed to be washing them all of the time anyway, I might as well switch to cloth diapers (which I love). Not to discourage you, but that was the experience that I had using them.


Brookestone makes a sound machine just for babies. I have the adult version and LOVE it. It has lots of cool sounds like heartbeat, ocean, white noise ect. I am tempted to get one for my daughter.

Steph H

I picked up a white noise machine at Bed Bath and Beyond for less than 20 bucks a few months ago. It is *not* the one for babies, which was twice the price. The one I got plugs in, plays 5 or 6 different noise options including rain, waves, and mama's heartbeat, and it has a 15,30,60 minute timer. It has worked great for us!

We tried G diapers and didn't like them. There is another option called Flip by bum genius that's the same concept but seems to work a lot better. You might also want to look into Grobaby.

Colleen S

I scraplifted another one of your layouts... I am so addicted. :) It's "Your First Year". My page is a pink girly page as I have a little girl. Thanks for the inspiration.


I just found the cutest vintage baby scale for about 20 dollars at a little antique store here in Bradenton. There are some great antique stores in st. Augustine, you should look around and see what you can find. I will share my pics when we take them in about a week and a half. Can't believe little Drew will be here in 4 days!



here is a sound machine... I use one in Cait's room every time she sleeps. it is not a baby machine... it is just a natural sounds sound machine. Thankfully Drew will be sharing a room and I don't have to take the sound machine away from Cait.


I had CP when pregnant. It went away within a week of my daughter's delivery. Yea!

I found white noise machines at Target -- over by the Pharmacy!

Jen L

Here's a link on a site that i happened to read today - she's having a baby too and point #8 in the post is about an ipod dock that can change color, play music, and play white noise that they purchased from itunes...

Ann Marie

At the photo workshop I just attended the expert newborn photog used her ipod to play white noise during the shoot..prehaps the docking station would work good?? And you can play music too!
I have a vintage baby scale- I will send you pics!

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