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May 31, 2010


Colleen S

What a fun age! He's a cutie!!


My two year old son is also all about dipping things. He's a picky eater most of the time (he wants every meal to be "pbjelly!" But we've found he'll eat things if we call them dippers.

Silly boys... sometimes I think they would be great buddies if we didn't live across the country (in California), since they are so much alike... I see the snippets you post about what he is doing or into and think "yup, Jake loves that too, yup Jake does that too!"...


i LOVE this.
and him!!!

Jessica Fulkerson O'Brien

comments were closed on the entry above so i commented here. don't want to enter the giveaway - just say that i love that line and love, love, love that layout! may be one of my favorites of yours!!! xo


So neat to read how much Evan is so similar to my son Owen who will be three in September. Similar taste in books, fascinations with cars and things around us as we drive, pronouncing yewyow. So funny. But my son will NOT be a big brother anytime soon. For now he'll remain the little brother.

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