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March 31, 2010



ooooh how i LOVE that.
you are amazing, lady.


darling, darling quilt!!!

kelsey p

Oh. It's beautiful. Sure wish you were my friend...;) Love those colors and prints too. I've suddenly become all about grey... And thanks for the link to the nursery. Got some really great ideas.


WOW! Absolutely amazing... You are making me a quilter! I have been trolling the interent fabric shops for my next project all afternoon :) what a lovely surprise to see yet another one of your beautiful quilts!

Jen Gallacher

That goes perfectly with her nursery. :)


can i beg for copies of these photos for L's baby book? :) you know i simply adore this. it'll be with us forever. absolute perfection, my friend.

hope you're feeling well!


OMG - this is GORGEOUS!! Absolutely stunning! Susan you are amazing!!

Kristi Mangan

totally gorgeous. Paige just sang "twinkle twinkle little star" as she was looking at the pictures of this quilt. Thought it was cute!!


Your quilt is so so lovely. I am completely in love with the grey and yellow.


susan, this is gorgeous!! i LOVE it!!

Lydia Jackson

Seriously every time I see one of your quilts it makes me want to take up quilting!! Sigh, I so need more hours in a day!


I have to start working on a baby quilt soon. I keep telling myself to keep it simple and now I am so in love with this quilt it's hard to keep saying that!

How long would you say it took you to complete?


Susan, this is just perfectly darling! I love the colors and fabrics you chose!


Oh WOW! This is too cute! And I think I have just found the color combo for the new purse I'm going to make myself! Thanks! :)

Amanda Elizabeth

this is such a stunning quilt!!!!!

Kelly O.

this is amazing!!!

babyhawk mei tai

I keep telling myself to keep it simple and now I am so in love with this quilt it's hard to keep saying that!

brooke collier

ooooh, i looooove this. do you ever sell your quilts or make them on request?

Susan Weinroth

once in a while i sell one, but i dont make them on request :)


Hi Susan! I was looking for wonky stars and arrived on your blog. This quilt is amazing. The other one, aqua and yellow, too!
I loved the colors you chose :)


You have such an amazing talent. Best of luck, and congratulations on your pregnancy! :)


can you do this all with a sewing machine or do you need one especially for quilting?

Susan Weinroth

youll need a sewing machine with a walking foot attachment.  :) -Susan

A Facebook User

This looks lovely! Did you add extra fabric at the seams of the blocks?


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