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January 25, 2010



absolutely gorgeous!


this is beautiful! I love orange!


This is adorable and such bright fun colors are sure to stimulate your little love!

Becky Trump

three words:
you are an amazing quilter!!!!


This is gorgeous Susan! It makes me want to learn how to quilt! Love, love, love it!


You are so talented. I would have loved a quilt like that for my first baby. Austin's favorite color was orange from birth on. It still is almost 19 years later.

You do beautiful, beautiful work.


WOW---love the bright color combos; is there a receiptant for this wonderful piece? If so, lucky little someone.


absolutely adorable!

sometimes i think i should dislike you b/c you're so darn talented!


so pretty! I love orange - it still might be my favorite color of all time. Your stoller (and baby) will look amazing!

Elizabeth in MO

Oh my goodness - GORGEOUS quilt!! How fun - LOVE the colors! You are SO talented!


so lovely! the colors are fantastic.

kelly noel

i want one!!!! heeee...seriously, it's SO SO SO cute!!

emily (justem)

Oh I LOVE the quilt!!! I wish I could sew!


That is the cutest quilt ever! So adorable

Anna Betzolt

this is so yummoliciuos!!!! i just adore it!


Hi Susan,
you have to be a very sweet person :)
I love your blog, your pictures and your works:)
You are so creative!
A big kiss from italy


B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l is the best I can describe that precious quilt. You are so creative! Wow! I printed off the instructions to make one someday soon. Thanks!!!


seriously. THE cutest thing. holy cow.

lucky babe #2!!! bring him/her back to mn for a visit when he/she is ready to take a road trip!!!


boy oh boy...you are so multitalented!

Tina Cockburn

Love the quilt!


Oh my goodness!! What a gorgeous quilt!!!! I LOVE it, and so will your baby!!! I was reading your blog on my google reader, and I just HAD to click over to the real thing so I could comment about your quilt. Lucky baby!!

lisa truesdell

i am so in love w/ this. =)


How do you sew the squiggly pattern over the entire blanket? Do you just do that with a regular machine??? Thanks! Also, do you buy your fabric online? If so, where :) Thanks!!!


Hello!!!Susan, you hve fantastic blog! b're shining person and i'm very happy to have possibility to enjoy your talent!

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