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December 01, 2009



He is just too cute! My little boy LOVED sports when he was little too and still does! Now he is 8 and really good at all sports, so get ready Momma, looks like he will be too! :)


Loved the post - he is such a little boy now, no more baby! But how on EARTH can he hate crafts??? It's in his dna, for goodness sake! Maybe it's time to start thinkin' about a baby girl???!!! ;)


cute picture. my 21 month old son loves dogs and we are NOT getting one. (we have 2 cats)...what is it with them liking the opposite of what they have. too funny!

Tonya Brown

very cute little guy you have there, i came across your blog while reading someone elses blog. love it.
my little guy is now 19 1/2 and still loves sports, but mainly GOLF
plays it, works it, sleeps it, going to college to have his own country club, must i say more? NO. he just loves it
enjoy your holidays


he is SUCH a talker.
ohhhhhhhhhhhh my goodness.
and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the counting to 12.
i so wish i had that on tape.
sometimes i want to count to 12 just like him b/c i adore that kiddo.
cute cute CUTE.


I am new to your blog. Found it from the CK blog link for Elizabeth Kartchner's book giveaway. I have admired your layouts lots of times in CK but never seen your blog. Your son is adorable. He's about 3 months younger than my youngest son. Reading this post about him reminded me of when my husband and I took our oldest son to Sesame Place (in Langerhan, PA) for his 3rd birthday. (Best time ever to go!) If you can possibly go there, take him ASAP while he loves Sesame Street. They are only open Spring/Summer/Early Fall as some of the attractions require a swimsuit. But he will see all of his favorites from SS and will be so amazed that he was able to visit them. Google Sesame Place.

Love your blog! Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

Samara Link

Get a cat! Get a cat! Get a cat! :) That's cute that he loves them. We welcomed the first cat either of us have ever had into our family two years ago, and I'm astonished how into that little guy I am. We're both dog people, but my Oliver has won me over and then some. You never know ... you might like it. :) Imagine what an awesome Christmas gift it would be. Ha!

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