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November 18, 2009



Happy Birthday! :) Hope your upcoming year is FaBuLoUs! :)


happy birthday! can't wait to see the new quilt! :)

jennifer mcguire

happy birthday, my dear!

Jen Gallacher

Happy, Happy b-day!!


Happy Birthday, Susan! Glad you had a great day & hope 32 is a fantastic year for you!!


Happy birthday! Enjoy the rest of the day.

Stephanie Klauck

Happy Birthday!!


happy, happy birthday, s! :)


Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like our birthdays were pretty similar. I'm just a couple of years ahead of you! :) Here's to another great year.


Happy Birthday! :)


Happy Birthday!!


You are young! Your day sounds quietly fabulous! I am a new Gleek..dont know what took me so loong...PR finale tonight!!!:)


Happy bday!
Linked one of your Fiskars projects on my blog today...http://knitandpurlgrrl.blogs.com/five_things/2009/11/5-super-cute-super-easy-gift-ideas-2.html


Happy Birthday Susan! ;}


So glad you had a wonderful birthday! Hugs! :-D


Happy, happy birthday!!! You are beautiful with or without make-up. Is Glee not fabulous? I don't know when I have enjoyed a show as much.

Paola Norman

Pefection! Happy Birthday!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg we LOVE glee!!!!! and john mayer - how is it?!?!?!!? i'm dying to know. it's on my library list:) and i've warned alla that once we get it, it's all we will listen to. she told me, 'until we get the adam CD' - HA!

Sue Thomas

Happy belated birthday, Susan!!!!!!!

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