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September 16, 2009



Anything "fall" catches my eye. Anything with a precious little boy dressed in a lion costume catches my eye. Anything with pumpkin punches catches my eye. I love your layout. It is just beautiful.


This is sooooocute! Love that costume!!!
You are really an inspiration!


That is SO cute, Susan!
LOVE it!
I need to get that pumpkin punch!
Love how you embossed them! Great idea! I just love your work! :-D Hugs! Have a great day!


love the colors and the punches are adorable...of course, not as adorable as that lil' lion there!


Super cute! I love the costume and the page!

SOO what did you think of Big Brother?! I was sooo stoked Jordan won! :) Best season ever!

Paola Norman

Susan I love all your layouts. I love the colour and pop they all have. I scraplift many of them for my personal albums as you have such great taste. Hope that is ok. Iam always inspired by you. I can't wait to see what Evan is going to be this year.
Your quilting is wonderful. I love looking at all of it. I was away for the summer and haven't commented but Iam so happy to see all your wonderful work and talent!
Take care,


love this LO & that's such a cute outfit!!!
thanks for sharing... wish we celebrate halloween here in singapore... :)

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