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September 14, 2009



That is too cute what Evan said! ;)
Oh, and your Gators are totally going to crush my Vols on Saturday. Ugh. LOL. :-D

LOVE the bibs and that sweet card! Thank you, my friend! Hugs!

Julie Magallanes

That is awesome what Evan said...I can so see a cute scrapbook page in my mind! The bibs are adorable, wish my "baby" was still a baby so i could grab him up one of those! Although, the hubs could use one, got any in XXL (wink, wink)! Just read an article in the paper this morning predicting your Gator's and my Trojan's in the BCS championship at the Rose Bowl this year..any chance you would come to Cali to see it? We could go to Dots and meet for cupcakes
;-) ! Your card is really sweet and beautiful colors...I gotta make one this week. So what's your prediction about BB11 tomorrow night? I hope Jordan wins it all and Jeff gets the $25,000 too! Natalie is awful and helllloooo why are the houseguests not noticing that she is drinking alcohol on TV...FCC would never allow that if she was 18! Anyway, thanks for sharing...loved today's post!


SUSAN!!! Email me - I had a hard drive crash recently and I don't have your email address anymore. I need to talk to you. NOW!!! haha Hope you are doing well - I check your blog all the time. Suzy

Erin R.

That is hilarious. I love great kids' quotes. Gorgeous bibs too.

Tracy Utter

That is freakin' hilarious what Evan said!!! :) I'm lovin' all your quilting projects...so jealous of your talent ;)


Cute bibs! Love the quote! cant wait for 2nite! and this weekend I get to see Kelly P!


Oh man, that is so adorable! I have a two-year-old, too, and he is constantly cracking us up with the things he says! The other day he called toilet paper a "butt towel"... haha!!! Where do they get these things??? :)

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