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August 07, 2009


Becky Trump

Absolutely, to.die.for.
LOVE this one, too, Susan! You always make me go "WOW!"


Love Love Love it!! Did you use a pattern?




This is adorable! LOVE the color combination.


This makes me thirsty! I love it.


now we just need to get you a baby girl to go in it ;)

Kristin Miller

You are SO talented! I just love this one. =)


AWESOME! I love this!

Susan Gullord

Ok, again very beautful quilt! Question, how do you make your binding? Guess I was wondering how wide you cut your strip to work with, do you hand sew it? Whatever help you can share, I would love!! Thanks!!

Erin R.

I love the Alexander Henry Lemons fabric. I saw this at the fabric store the other week and am seriously contemplating making a dress out of this. (Well actually letting my sister make it for me, I'm terrible at sewing.)


fabulous..off to link my mom to it!
Sept= sewing month-Hurray!!


Holy Cow! That is stunning!!! All the right fabrics really makes the difference! I just need to keep reminding myself that I don't need another hobby...

Lydia Jackson

I think that this is the most fabulous quilt I have ever seen, it would be so amzing for a boy or girl, wow!! Did you make it for someone special or are you selling it, It would be so amazing to base a nursery around it!

Amy Coose

Just gorgeous!!! I'm waiting for you to let me know how much it'll cost for you to make me one of these?? LOL

lisa truesdell

that is gorgeous!!!


you amaze me lady! love it! :)


omg, susan.
my prom dress was lemons.
i have a soft spot for citrus-- this just about did me in!
loooooooooooooooooove it.


for someone who has never quilted before but has a sewing machine, how hard would it be to make something like this?

Angelia Wigginton

You go, girl! This is so sunny!


I think this one might be my fav so far. Super cute!!

Jill B

Thanks for sharing this gorgeous quilt. I've just linked to this post from my blog, as I plan to quilt my first quilt in this way (hope you don't mind!).

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