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April 02, 2009


Maria Burke

LOVE the wave wall and what an awesome family picture!


How cute was your card on the AC blog?!?! And, absolutely love the photos! The pic of the 2 of them on the beach was too adorable! I don't think you and Kristi could take any better photos. I am so jealous!


totally love that family photo! and kristi's girls are just absolutely adorable. :)

Becky Trump

OMG! I loooovvee that new family photo!!!
Amazing wall - and ya'll such a cute family :)

Your sister's babies are so beautiful, too!


Hi Susan! I'm a lurker that found you somehow by googling something that someone had done for my son, Evan- who happens to be the same age as YOUR Evan! (I think I typed in "Evan 6 months" and up popped your blog!) Which made it all the more fun for me to keep checking on your blog from time to time. LOVE blogs. Anyhoo...I also admire your photography and am just getting started. JUST bought my first SLR and have a decent eye for photos- but NO experience with using shutter/aperture mode NOR photoshop. I would love for you to post (or email) some fast and easy tips that helped you- or help you currently... also, I LOVED your bermuda short jeans! Do you mind telling where you got them??? I've been looking for something similar.... Thanks for any and all info! Jen

Julie Magallanes

Hi Susan,

I absolutely ADORE the picture of Paige and Evan hugging on your sister's blog! That is definitely worth being enlarged and hung on the wall in your house!!!! Your family is so talented and all of you are so cute. Lucky girl you are!


where oh where is the blanket from???????????? I NEED IT. did you make it???


you and your sister are SO FREAKING TALENTED>
i love the family pic.
you look ahhhhhhhhmazing.
and i love that wall.
and that blanket.
can't wait to see you
in a few months. ;)
i like to be excited about things LONG before they happen.


HI! Love the top you are wearing in the picture....where did you find it?



wishing i was at the beach right now!!! :)


you look too warm and comfy in those flip flops!

KP Miller

I just LOVE your family pic in front of the graffiti wall. So clever. Say hi to everyone & give Toby a pat from Tim and me. =)

Sue Thomas

Gorgeous photos, Susan and I love your AC card!!!!!


Whoa!! That family photo of you guys is just SO awesome!!
I'd print that out really big and hang it somewhere pronto. :)

Paola Norman

Great photos! The family photo is wonderful!
I love your AC card. Speaking of your work I was wondering if you could set up a gallery of your work. I just love your design and style and I'm sure many other people would love a gallery of your work to go to for inspiration.
It's not always easy to find great designers who scrapbook boy layouts.
I hope you might give it some consideration.
Have a great day!

Paola Norman

OOppss here I am again I see that you have a fav. pages section. That's great!
maybe you could add some of your amazing boy layouts on there?
Sorry about not seeing that section first.


you have one wickedly cute kid.


Love the new pics!! Especially the family photo in front of the wall. :)


I absolutely LOOOOOOVE that wall. AWESOME.
Love the pics!

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