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April 09, 2009



How cute is he?!?! WHAT FUN to look forward to on Sunday!


love that his outfit coordinates with his basket. :)

Samara Link

That is so cool. The beginning of lots of holiday traditions. It's nice for you that he's getting old enough to do things like this. Enjoy your holiday weekend.


this is so cute!!! great idea to "practice" before the real deal. I have to tell you that I got the new "Computer Tricks 3" mag last week and that LO with Evan pulling on your dogs ears was the cutest thing ever!!


So much fun! My little guy loves goldfish and raisins in his eggs. The Easter Bunny may even throw in a car or two. :) Have a great time and thanks for sharing!


That is just the cutest basket, love it coordinates with his clothes :) Awesome photos!!!


i so love him.
and now i want ev2 to do an egg hunt.
sheesh! ;)
(do you hide some for tobes, too, w/ dog treats?! hmmmm. ideas... ;))


SO cute! :)
Love his little outfit. Hee hee!
What fonts are those on your photograph?
LOVE them and need them. :)
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter, Susan! Hugs!

Sue Thomas

You are such a smart mommy, Susan!!!!! I hope he has just as much fun on Sunday!!!

Darcy Holsopple

Practice. You are SO SMART! I wish we had your FL weather to practice! It's like 50 here. And raining. Don't you miss the midwest?? HA!

Becky Trump

I love how you "practice" egg hunting!!!
You're such a wonderful mommy :0)


totally adorable! i'd love to practice in the nice green grass - but we still have snow banks. :(

how do you get your rounded corners on your shots? i love it!


I'd love to know what fonts you used too . . . love them!

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