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September 02, 2008



I didn't watch much of gossip girl last year, but I did watch quite a few episodes. I LOVED it when Blair's new boy-toy said he was a LORD! I love that Chuck (that's his name right) got the text message with that information at the same time. It was perfect.

Darcy Holsopple

Susan. You got yourself a good man! What a cool surprise!!!!

Jill Barnett

I'm obsessed with gossip girl. Seriously, had it on the kitchen calendar. Husband thinks I'm crazy.


gossip girl addict over here!!! :)
seriously, jill and i were texting reminders back & forth about the premiere!!!
we're dedicated fans!!
my vote for show hottie is Dan. yum.


cannot wait for our cruise!
woot woot

Shaun Paddock

Adorable photo of Evan in the pool. Your hubby has not changed one little bit. I must admit to being a little, ok, a lot jealous of your lovely vacation. Was it just the two of you? Oh, how would it be. We went away for our Anniversary last year to Greenville, 20 minutes away. We don't have any relatives here or Grandparents so leaving the kids alone for one night was scary. Patrick was almost 16 at the time.

Stay safe and dry and thanks again for the title. I did not finish before my surgery which is in 10 hours so I will finish it in a couple of weeks.
Love and God bless,


Very nice labor day weekend!
Love GG! It was a really good episode!
Did you watch the new 90210 as well? I did - but - have not yet decided if I like it or not yet...need a few more episodes...
Take care!

laura vegas

you're killing me ... i love gossip girl. but my family "needed" me to record their shows ... so i had to miss it. i would have totally canceled one of their's by "accident" ... but i did find that they reshow the season premier next sunday. so i guess i'll just be patient until then!


Good to know someone else likes gossip girl. Mon was sooooo good!


that looks like HEAVEN!
and so well deserved!


Did you go or watch the football game on Saturday? We were traitors and cheered for Florida... :)

What a nice treat to have a weekend away!


What great photos (love that camp poster! hee hee!) and what a wonderful surprise!! :) Yay!


Spotted--- Shannon laying on her couch totally engaged with a totally amazing GG- I might even go as high as 35!

Heather D

New GG addict here! Blockbuster can't ship season one to me fast enough!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Ooooh..........so happy for you, Girly! What a fun thing for Eric to plan for you...so sweet. And how much fun will you and Kelly and the boys have on a cruise?! Can't wait to hear all about that from you both, afterwards! {I heart cruising...}


I love Gossip Girl! It was awesome.

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