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April 28, 2008


Jessica Fulkerson

WOW! That's huge and SO exciting!!! :)


Woweee! Exciting! Sending good house selling and moving vibes your way! Best of luck to you, girl!! Hugs! :D

Bridget =)

wow! good luck!


Congratulations on your move! It's always nice to be close to the ones you love. Here's to new adventure and looking forward to your fabulous photos from FL!


oh how exciting! hope the house sells quickly and all goes well with the move. this minnesota girl is a little jealous you will be moving to the sunshine state. :)

Petra Carden

I'm so jealous!!! Florida is our dream state... maybe one day. :)


many states closer to us!!!! :)
hooray and congrats, lovies!

Kelli Johnson

wow congrats! sunny warm FL sounds lovely for your fam :)


Awwww man... another MN blogger gone :(

Before you ship off... I'd love to see more photos of the inside of your house... and before everything is packed up! You've got a great style and I'd love to see it before you head off to your new land.


ohhh! so sad you're leaving mn... but, i since i live here, i understand. :) after this winter/spring, i want to leave too! :)


Congrats..it is great you will close to family again. That is important with a little guy.

Julie - iamstmpin@aol.com

Well congrats to you! I live in South Florida - Lake Worth! You will be getting a fantastic scrapbook store there - I can't remember the name of it (crop shop maybe) it is on St. Augustine Rd. off of 1-95 and down the street from a Hobby Lobby! I don't even have a Hobby Lobby in S.Fla!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Congrats, Girly!! That's huge!! I'm so happy for you to get to be closer to your family and for Eric's job opportunity -- so great!!


AACCCCKK! OMG OMG SOOOO awesome (and I"m soooo jealous ;))

Jacksonville isn't far from my Dh's hometown in GA, so I'd love to visit sometime! ;)




We are just barely north of Jax. If you need anything, drop me a line...we're always in that area, so I'd be happy to help in any way I can! :-)


Trading the white snow for white sand... congratulations!!!


Yippeee!!! Well you know that we scrappy Floridians are SO happy with the news! ;) Look forward to meeting ya in the sunshine!! YAY!

Lisa VanderVeen

CONGRATS darlin'!!! This is absolutely fantastic news and I'm so happy for you :)


Congrats on your big news! I am sure it will be great to be back near family. Enjoy your last little bit in MN! From the snow to the sand, huh?

Tonja Trump

That's great news Susan! You'll be only about 3 hours from us now too! I'll keep your beach chair warm!

Tracy Utter

Sending you good vibes to sell your house quickly :) We'll just have to visit Florida more often so we can see ya!!!

Elizabeth Rosemond

Wow! That's fantastic - congrats to all 3 of you :)


I live just west of Jax. Fl. in a small town called Macclenny. Welcome to Florida! You will love the sunshine state! They call it that for a reason:)



Kelly Noel

no way!!! that is awesome news, susan!!! so happy you will be closer to family!
and you're not too too far from me!!! yipeee! :)

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