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March 28, 2008


Tonja Trump

That is great Susan! I'm so happy you are having fun with this motherhood thing...wait til he's a teen! It's so cool to see him grow too..I love that teddy pic every month! Awesome stuff!

Kim Kesti

Awww- such great photos, Susan. Unreal that Ev is already eight months.


we're big fans of orange here too. :)
that is such a great age-enjoy!!!! :D


Love them all! I get goosebumps reading about him calling out to his MOMMMMA! You gotta love that! Joey is 5 mos today! Tonight is the teddy pic night. Thanks for all the great inspiration always. He is so, so adorable and love all that hair!

Sue Thomas

Total cuteness, Susan and I can't believe how little his teddy is looking!!!!


Wow - he's getting so big and gets cuter every day! Awesome photos, Susan!

Becky Trump

It totally looks like Teddy has been shrunk in the dryer!!!
Evan is sooo darn cute - don't take this personal, but I think I check your blog just to see photos of that *CUTE* face! :0) LOL!
Your onesies are always adorable, too!


awwww, Susan, he's so cute! Love the design on the back of the onesie once again! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow?!? Evan's room looks so bright and fun! Great color choices! love it!


he is just TOO cute! i love all the bright colors in his room and the onesie's you do every month are AWESOME!


These "monthly" onesie shots are fantastic. Can you post the details on how you make the onesie? what do you print the design onto? An iron-on transfer or something that works on an inkjet printer?




Love those onesies! You should open an etsy shop! I keep thinking of you every time I go to target. Have you seen the awesome monkey stuff? They have darling monkey plates, spoons, cups etc. All great for toddlers. They also have all the cute bathroom accessories. AND... the best part, they come in all the bright colors like Ev's room.

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Those photos are so great but that last one.......wow! Seriously...cuter every month! Fun onesie too!


VERY cute pictures of your boy!! I agree with other commenters about the onesies- so cute!! If you sold them, I'd totally buy one. I've been looking for a shirt that says "1" or "One" for my little guy who turns one the end of this month. Any ideas where I could look?


um, didn't you just post the 7 month photos like last week? holy cow! and seriously, that boy is the cutest.


Yep - 8 is great. It is hands down my favorite baby age! And wow, what a cutie :)

Paola Norman

Evan looks super cute in his 8 onsie, before you know it we'll be celebrating the big one!


I would LOVE to get a set of the iron ons that you've made! Sell them, sell them, sell them!

laura vegas

i just love these onesies that you have come up with!!! not that i have a baby to stick one on ... but i need to know how to make them! lol!

Tracy Utter

Love all the comparison shots with the Teddy :) Can't believe it's been 8 months already!!!


Adorable! And I too would love to know how you make the onsies:o) Pretty please?


What saying did you use for months 1-5 on the back?? Id love to see them or hear about them. I read your blog about how to make the month sign but what about the backs??

Susan Weinroth

Evans monthly onesies started at 6 months

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