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February 27, 2008


kristi sauer

I love the lucky 7's! Too cute!


love the 7's.
and that he's going "RAR!" in that last pic ;)

Paola Norman

Love the seven month pics.. Seven is my fav number too I was born 7th of July..
Great number..it always seems to be lucky..He looks totally cute showing off his little teeth..adorable.

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Love the onesie! Love the 'ring' around his little wrists -- sooo cute! Love the baby teefers! Love the hair! Man, he's such a cutie-pie!

Becky Trump

Aweeee!!!Happy Lucky 7th, little guy!
His teeth and hair are THE cutest!!! And he is looking soooo much like you, Sus!


debbie cook

yay!! 7 is my lucky number, too, baby evan! good choice!
the 2 teeth pic has to be my fave to date. what an absolute DOLL!


welcome home--the lucky 7's shirt is adorable and so is Ev.

Jessica Fulkerson

I just wanna leap through these pictures and squeeze him!!! I love how he has really developed his own face and "look" and I'm sure personality too. Super cute!


What a cutie! Love his hair color and his little teeth. My daughter was born 7.26.07, but she has no teeth and no hair! And she can just barely sit up by herself. This is such a fun age with all the exploring they are doing. I also can't believe that we are at 7 months, six months I could handle. 7 is much closer to one year!
P.S. I loved the pic on your last post with the crying babies and happy poodle!


happy 7 months ev!! (told you i'd still be here when you got back!)


What a cutie! ;) Happy 7 months, Ev! Love the photos and those cute two little teeth! ;)

Ali McLaughlin

What a doll! I love his onesies.


What a cutie pie, Susan! Love the "lucky 7" on the back of the onesie. Great shot of his teeth!


Adorable photos...what a little heartbreaker!


love the new onesie! also love the shot of the two teeth - such a handsome guy!


he's such a cutie pie! and I love that onesie!
the lucky 7's on the back are so cute and creative!


oh my, how fast they grow! he is a beauty.

Lisa Dickinson

love the green 7 this month! what a sweetie!

Ann Marie

Adorable as always..and the onesie. You are a creative genius.
Don't worry, he is getting older BUT they do keep getting cuter and will always entertain you..at least mine has for 3.5 yrs.


super cute onesie, for a super cute lil 7 month old little guy

Carrie D.

Such a sweetheart! I love this age: regular naps, don't talk back, no potty training issues to deal with. ;) Enjoy him!!

laura vegas

that onesie is so cute ... love what you did on the back! i have a 7 month old daycare boy right now ... and he's doing so many of the same things. fun age!


What picture program do you use? I love your pics as well. I love how you can write on them . they look professional!


Where did you get the lucky 7s desgn? I want to look into this stuff...Do you have a photo for every month...I would love to see them for ideas!!

Susan Weinroth

Photoshop cs4

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